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Have you ever felt the energy of your inner feminine and masculine fully in your body?

Do you feel the balance of their sacred dance of love within you?

Would you like to express this Sacred Inner Union of Divine Feminine AND Masculine freely in your life and relationships?

We are reaching a point on this planet where humanity desperately needs to initiate out of toxic behaviour, attitude, and conditioning. Our ecosystems, our societies, our children, our very lives, and spiritual awakening paths depend on this.

The unfortunate reality is that our history and society indoctrinates us with such distorted ideas and expressions of masculine and feminine, that we have mostly been presented with the shadow side of both, or with polarised and dualistic conditioning about their true nature.

It’s therefore no wonder that many people have no direct experience, or idea, of healthy masculine or feminine and have an aversion to meeting this energy within themselves.

Nor is it surprising that the Sacred Masculine is being ignored.

  • First as a reaction to the patriarchal God of monotheistic religions that erase, demonise and disempower the feminine.
  • Secondly because the Sacred Masculine has also been diminished, demonised and disempowered beyond recognition, by those same religions.

But, as our ancestors knew, the Sacred Masculine is about archetypes.

Sacred Masculine is not a fixed disembodied reality, nor is He a look, an age, a body or a type. Rather, it is the ability to be present in body, mind and heart, to be open in spirit and vulnerability, free, kind, compassionate, while in direct relation to others.

The Sacred Masculine is a force of nature and as a part of nature, has a reverence for the natural world and all the creatures in it, for He holds all others as equal to Himself.

  • Now is the time for us to move toward a place of inner balance, to an intimate knowing of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine.
  • Now is the time, for remembering ancient ways of harmony and inner union, and bringing them into lived reality within and all around us, so this may ripple out into the world and into all our relationships.

If our personal spiritual destiny is to incarnate the Beloved, then part of our longing for a human lover comes from the recognition that we can come to know our selves more deeply through such union.

It follows, that to choose the inner Sacred relationship of Divine Feminine and Masculine as the basis from which to create our love life and relationship choices, will bring the greater authentic, passionate, supportive, and healthy intimacy we long for.

3 ways in which welcoming home the Sacred Masculine will enhance your love life

The Sacred Masculine will help you to:

1) Discover the sweetness of the Masculine.

By learning to recognise and appreciate the many forms of the healthy Masculine archetypes, you can re-write your blueprint of reality around safety and availability of the Masculine in your life.

This will allow you to get real about the relationship choices in which we are trying to fix or find what we didn’t receive as children or young people.

Welcoming and integrating both our wounded- and healthy- inner masculine gives us a chance to empower different aspects of ourselves more fully. It also shows us where we project and disown the part of us we think of as our masculine, which perpetuates the distorted mirror of our love relationships.

Undoing and recognising wounding attraction, trauma responses and our conditioning around what masculine and feminine is, in the loving presence of the Sacred Masculine, will free us from seeking that which was familiar to us from a wounding reality.

Instead, we will open up to, you could say ‘soften into’, authentic healthy love relationship choices.

2)  Awaken your passion by ending inner violence.

Developing and strengthening a healthy bond with your inner Sacred Masculine, will facilitate experiencing deep-seated spiritual healing and ignition of your sexual energy.

Internalised hatred, mistrust and distorted envy, is a true passion killer. It destroys our ‘juice-for-life’ by misdirecting our life force and makes our relationship energy a hot bed of resentment, manipulation and inauthenticity.

Instead, when we track into the archetypical energy and expression of empowerment of our inner masculine and feminine, it allows us to discover what happens when we open into the vibrational reality, and the living presence, of authentic inner Sacred love union.

3) Let Sex becomes sacred.

Sacred union, calling home and welcoming the sacred inner partnership, will allow you to begin to see the Sacred Masculine within and outside of yourself. Given time, this will help to maintain the sacred harmony that mediates balance within ourselves and with the world around us.

  • Imagine what it may be like to meet your love-partner from this perspective, regardless of their story.
  • Imagine exploring the merging of sexual energy and opening of both your hearts, from this deeply honouring place of love.
  • Imagine sex becoming a delicious, passionate, satisfying, deeply moving, devotional act of creating the field of Sacred Love.

This is what happens when we bring the presence of our inner Sacred Masculine in union with our inner Sacred Feminine, to our intimate communication and interactions.

Find out how to begin the process of welcoming home the Sacred Masculine, in this online course, journeying around the masculine aspects of the wheel of Rhiannon.