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As the wheel of the year turns and we journey deeper into the mysteries with each passing season, Beltane opens me to the experiences of love and aliveness. I feel greater sensuality with the warming sun and lengthening days that have returned to Her lands here in Avalon.


I hear the Goddess Rhiannon’s song in the voices of the dawn chorus and the evening vesper of blackbirds singing the winged beloved home to nest.

The sky dancing swallows returning to our shores herald the coming months of summer and invite us all to feel, move, celebrate and express our love and gratitude for life’s gift. This is a time to allow our senses to open and celebrate the full dance of life and all of nature.

Beltane is an opportunity to remind ourselves and connect to the fleeting essence of spring time beauty. Soon it will be summer and the light spring greens turn into summer fullness, bluebells sink into the earth for another year and the time of the Rose begins.

Since the Spring Equinox in March, Her fire has delicately begun to colour the Earth, softening stark edges with a haze of purple, promising enlivening leaves that become the bright liquid green our hungry eyes drink in after the months of winter grey. We can feast on colour, the celebration of all the shades of life emerging triumphant out of the depths of death and dreaming. The magic of Life seeks for expression and dances. Blossoms open and turn trees pink in a great blush of love for all the beauty Nature dares to celebrate itself with.

cherry blossom

So much beauty in this world, so much power in the land, so much we are capable of, if only we choose it fully, as in each moment the realms can shift. Letting Beauty open me further today, into trust and presence.

Bluebell wood walk: it’s not Cornwall but there is enough of a carpet of blue to inhale the fragranced air and let the eye drown joyously. New green of Oak, Beech, Hazel and Hawthorn…strong and soft, vibrant, liquid, lush and dripping with potential awakening.
Awake, the Green Man stirs, His eyes are open: you can not escape His guardian’s gaze. Does He ask for, or call up, this rising of sap, of coloured life, of softening power?

Deer print marks the mud trail and guides deeper into wildness of this ancient land, as magic passionately rises from just beneath the thin veneer of surface forgetting and breaks through into blooming stars of white as delicate as woodland anemones. Here, holding up the sky, the Horned One, with piercing presence awaits His flowered Bride of Love.

I touch the rough ripples of his skin and let my fingers read the story of His power rooted in unwavering service to Life’s cycle with a YES that roars through anything our mind might make us think would hold us separate from this!

Tingles of arousal run like riverlets under my skin and soft I let myself slip into His embrace to melt my body open for Him.
Above me through the curtaining of newest leaves I saw the soaring buzzard, lit up on wings of sunlight, in a green-framed sea of endless blue and felt my heart leap out to fly … my inner man anchors me, as I sky-dance with his totem, above a scented woodland trail.’

Rhiannon is Goddess of our hearts, bodies, sacred sexual aliveness, sensuality and beauty. One of her many gifts at this time of the year is the ‘eye of love’ through which the world is experienced and seen as abundant, joyful, loving and benevolent.

Regardless of what our life journey has brought us and the experiences of the opposite we all carry, the Goddess of Love brings the season of spring to us each year. She offers us the possibility to surrender into the truth of Her Loving presence and to really ‘see’ the soul gift of love that this precious life is.

The gift of Beltane in amongst all the celebrations including; ribboned maypole dances and leaping over fires are invitations to become more conscious of how love is wanting to manifest through us into the world and how it is inseparably within us, around us, in the beauty of nature and our communities, and is the lived sense of Her, as the guiding light beyond it all.

beltane fire

Beltane and the bursting life affirming ‘YES’ of love made manifest in all of nature, also reminds us to not delay or put off indefinitely what we dream of doing and being. None of us know what life has in store for us, so ‘seize the day’ and live the great ‘Yes I can’ of possibility and opportunity in celebration of yourself.

In view of this celebration, may I invite you to take a look at my fabulous new Goddess tour offering you the opportunity to deeply connect directly with the Goddesses of sacred Egypt. Egypt Goddess Tour

Katinka Soetens