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Crete Goddess Pilgrimage 2024 Booking

Crete Goddess Pilgrimage 2024 Booking



    Payment Terms*

    The Crete Goddess Pilgrimage 2024 limited time only Early Bird Fee is £975.- / € equivalent (a non refundable deposit of £400 to secure your place and this super offer must be paid by October 15th 2023 and the balance of £575 by December 31st 2023; if you want to pay all in one go, it's £975 by October 15th 2023).


    The Crete Goddess Pilgrimage 2024 Fee costs £1375.- / € equivalent. The cost includes a £400 non-refundable deposit required asap to secure your place, and a non-refundable balance of £975, to be paid before 1st May, 2024.


    Payment Schedule: I agree to pay the fee for the Tour as follows:


    OPTION A Deposit to secure my place (then I will pay £975 before 1st May 2023) - £400.OPTION B Paid in full - 1375£.



    To be completed



    Confirmation and Agreement*

    I confirm that I take full responsibility for my own health and health related decisions whilst I undertake this tour. I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to abide by Crete Goddess Tour 2024 booking terms, I have read the online Crete Goddess Tour 2024 Information, conditions and disclaimer and that the above information I have given is true and correct. I hereby state that I, or any persons acting on my behalf, will not hold or claim against Katinka Soetens, Her Path of Love Ltd, The Path of Love Mystery School, or any of the guides for any damages assumed or otherwise for any conditions, be it emotional, mental, spiritual, physical or financial relating to my training with them.



    Payment or deposit for the Crete Goddess Tour 2024

    Choose and click Submit, you will be re-directed to Paypal and then back to our website. Please wait after the click, and choose the friends and family option.