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Dragon Energy Integration

Stand with your feet hip width apart, knees slightly bend. Turn to the East: breathe in a gentle continuous rhythm, breathing in as soon as you’ve breathed out and out as soon as you finish the in breath.

Feel the aliveness of presence within you rising and intensifying with each breathe, allow the greater aliveness to awaken within you with each breath, let it melt your spine into liquid delight.
Enjoy the sensation of your spine and hips beginning to want to snake and move, circle and sway. Imagine and feel Kundalini snake dancer move in your body as you breathe the fire of Her double flame: Fire of sun and Earth, Moon and Star, of the joined twin -dark and bright- flame of Rhiannon.

Start breathing this fire into your body, into the bowl of your pelvis as a horizontal figure of 8, an infinity loop. From it’s centre, as it fills and flows over the edges of the bowl of the pelvis, up your spine, through your heart, to the base of your skull and down your tailbone, through your sex, into your legs and feet in another great upright figure of 8 moving in the body. Let the body sway and move, circle and snake with the movement of energy as you breath in the fire of life and awaken your sexual source fire.

Now extend the figure of 8 loop, down through the soles of the feet into the deep fire heart of the Earth, finding Dragon energy to connect to and ground and sustain yourself in.Connect the figure of 8 loop up into the crown and out to the cosmic dragon energy of the stars, nurturing and inspiring you. Ask the fire of Dragon alive in your body, connected to the cosmic and earth Dragons to guide you to where in your being you would hide or pretend and escape the full aliveness of your sexual life force. Ask to be shown how your desire distorts and is suppressed and deadened or twisted into addictive obsessive excess. Breathe more aliveness and the fire of presence, and gently allowing it to melt and awaken those places.

Feel the double helix of the figure 8 spinning and extending, feel the space open from inside you, the gateway of radiance blossoming out from your heart and the bowl of your pelvis. Feel this expanding your being in all directions, the gateway of Her presence within you opening. Ask for the blessings of the Goddess.

You may want to say the Pathfinder/Explorer archetype prayer which is along the lines of this:

“Lady, guide my way, light my destiny and illuminate my path so I may find and walk it in service to You with joy and ease. Lady, I offer you my life’s flame, my spirit fire and my flame of full desire, May you be alight in me, May your radiance fill my being.”

Come to rest, pulling the energy inwards, allow the liquid light into your cells and feel the freedom of Dragon power and presence entering the deep core of your cells and being.
Feel the dance of life as pleasure in your body. Give thanks and dance as joyously as you can in gratitude and as a celebration of how life and Goddess presence chooses to manifest in you in this moment.

End by sending the energy to where it may serve, touch the ground with your palms, head or body. Remember who you are.

May we all remember the hidden wisdom of Goddess, be it in Her Dragon aspect or in one of Her many archetypical forms She calls to us most strongly in.