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Latest News

The harvest energy of the Autumn Equinox is the perfect time to take stock of what we are manifesting in our lives, how we operate on a daily basis, evaluate where we leak energy, get caught up in in distractions, need to increase joy, where we waste our precious time, or where we need to find renewed and collaborative resources to manifest ease in the now and visions for the future.


Here’s the latest news with all the different aspects of my work! I hope we can meet and connect sometime throughout the year.


Goddess Conference

We had a fabulously successful and very colourful Goddess Conference in August here in Glastonbury/Avalon. Marion and I were well supported in our first year as organisers by all those loving this international event celebrating Goddess and the ways of Goddess loving people. We themed our first Goddess Conference ‘Goddesses of the World’ and co-created with the ceremonial priestess group, some very moving and powerful fully participatory ceremonies where all participants brought, named and honoured the many faces of their beloved Goddess.

You can find some pictures on the website and perhaps join us next summer, when we will be celebrating the Moon Maiden Goddess from 31st July to the 5th August with Fringe events from the 29th July-6th August 2018.
Our Facebook page is already up so you can go ahead and like us there, plus book those dates in your diary!


After this full on event, I had an inspirational and restful time in Naxos visiting ancient Goddess temples and sites sacred to Dionysus, much beloved God, as well as soaking up the sun and enjoying the luscious sea with my family. It gave time for reflection and room for inspiration, for which I am very grateful.

With gratitude and grace we receive the gifts of this season and the fruits of our labour, our work, our families and community connections. With presence and humble intend we set into motion the vision of that which we choose to nurture and grow in service to life, that which we will energize to manifest into being.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

In these challenging time, there is no better moment than now to be Love in Action; people whom honour and manifest a world of beauty and equality, a future of love and diversity.

PATH OF LOVE Mystery School

It certainly has been a busy year with travel and teaching in many places in Europe, the Priestess of Rhiannon training developing, with a renewed third year in the pipe line, and the new Dragon Rider courses running.

‘Remembering, Living, Visioning, Manifesting’

This is the motto of the Path of Love Mystery School and a strong part of our core philosophy on which our work and trainings are grounded.

The Priestess of Rhiannon training first year has now become a fully accredited course recognised by the International Institute for Complementary therapists, all who take this journey in the future will be able to benefit from this full accreditation and for those who have done the course in the past, there will be a special accreditation event in the new year. It is not too late to join one of the Priestess training years for women starting in October to find how your life may change once these principles become a part of your lens of reality and daily experience

In the Path of Love Mystery School we are working on developing some long dreamed online courses and trainings as well as some free offerings that will become available over the winter months. I will keep you all posted and you’ll be first to know what will become available.

Meanwhile, I’m also developing the renewed 3rd year of the Priestess of Rhiannon training “Labyrinth Priestess: the practices of the sacred sexual Priestess of Rhiannon” which will start in September 2018. A pre-requisite is to have done the first two years of this training, another incentive to jump in on this year’s course.

Priestess of Rhiannon Year One

Priestess of Rhiannon year One in Glastonbury is starting on the 21st October; a 12 month long spiral into the mysteries of self love and sacred sexuality, as well as empowerment and initiation in service to the Celtic Goddess of Love Rhiannon. All information is of course on the website where you will also find the application form.

Priestess of Love and Sacred Sexuality training in Slovakia

To make the work more available for those who find it difficult to travel to the UK, The Priestess of Love and Sacred Sexuality training in Slovakia will be starting on the 28th October. This is a two year training over 10 weekends entering the same teachings and mystery, though this time centred on Rhiannon and Lada, Slovakian Lover Goddess. Please get in touch directly with me if you are interested to join this course and I will connect you to the organisers locally. Some places still available.

Goddess Tours

I’m also very excited to let you know of upcoming Goddess tours which are such a fabulous way of experiencing the sacred remembered ways of our indigenous ancestors of Europe and newly vision peaceful nature loving ways of being as people of today. I love sharing my knowledge and insights into these much loved places and take you off the beaten track to sites where the energy is powerfully transformational and healing.

More, or full tour information will follow on my website shortly, but put these dates into your diary if you would like to be part of this year’s Crete Ariadnean Goddess Tour in June 11th to 19th 2018. As always, places are limited and tend to fill up each year, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Furthermore I’m planning a one off sacred site tour of Northern Sardinia, returning to some of the amazing sacred Goddess sites I visited there in 2016, I will be leading a week long journey of discovery and connection from 17th to 24th April 2018.

Dragon Rider Training

Meanwhile, in Glastonbury, a courageous mixed group of women and men has commenced on the Dragon Rider journey, a 4 weekend personal development training over 10 months. I will be bringing weekend workshop tasters of this particular training to various countries in 2018.


I hope to see you on one or more of these events and courses and wish you all the blessings of the harvest season.

With love