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Goddess Rhiannon Moonlodges

A team of Initiated Priestesses of Rhiannon run Red Tent Moonlodges. A Goddess Moonlodge is a women’s circle for sharing about menstruation and other sacred blood mysteries such as sexuality, birth, menopause.

At the moment, these events are on-line. Please find here all the dates of upcoming events.

All women are welcome:

  • whether they are bleeding at present or not
  • whether or not they are still bleeding or ‘hold their wise blood’ (menopausal women)
  • regardless of age, race, sexual orientation or religion, in a held, safe sacred space.

Why are blood mystery sharing circles for women of all ages and stages of life, to connect to the Devine Feminine within and around us, so empowering, important and liberating?

Women’s menstrual cycles all have very different patterns, some women don’t bleed at all, and some have a lot of issues with their cycle, but all women are welcome in a Red Tent circle. The crucial point is that all experiences are relevant whether joyful, sad, difficult or easy.

As an experience of sisterhood and non-separation amongst women, Moonlodges are a vital medicine of love in our troubled and patriarchal times. Goddess Moonlodges work with ancestral ceremony and Goddess myth in tune with the seasons, around the various aspects of the blood mysteries and body wisdom.

What this gives us is a space to honour and recognise the value of every woman’s journey. Everyone has something to offer in a Moonlodge. This breaks the sad reality of our competitive and power over based society, which thrives on keeping women set up against each other in jealousy, undermining and other toxic forms of behaviour.

Moon lodge is a term originating in Native American traditions, but in essence is part of all our indigenous spirituality. This is a way for women to re-claim our connection with the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. To feel Goddess alive and expressed in all of nature, including our bodies. To witness each other, as well as ourselves, as Non-Separated from Her.

At the following link you can find all the dates of upcoming on-line Goddess Moonlodges.

Goddess Moonlodge, sometimes known as a ‘red tent’ or ‘moon meeting’, therefore offers a place in which to meet as women together, sharing and learning, finding new ways of connecting together and honouring our sisterhood. The sacred holding space that a Goddess Moonlodge offers, enables the energy of these meetings to resonate in our interactions and ways of being with each other as women in our community, family and lives.

In reclaiming the precious beauty and sacredness of our sexual bodies, we will work with healing of the personal and collective wounding ranging from being treated as ‘nothing special’, to a medical condition in need of ‘cure’, to dishonouring and abuse. Here we connect to each other and to our blood lines which reach all the way back to Sacred Source, to Goddess, finding ways to honour and celebrate every woman in the Moonlodge for who she is: a unique representation of Goddess and a sister under the moon.


On the second year of the Priestess of Rhiannon training you will learn how to Hold a Moonlodge in this way.

What participants say:

“Thank you for a lovely Moon Circle in London last weekend. My friendship with one of the friends there has changed to another level and deepened – I have known her for five years. Something has shifted she shared personal information I knew nothing about. I too have not had the connection and experience before with the mirror of Goddess Rhiannon. I had fab intimacy with my partner the day after. So, thank you Priestess of Rhiannon for facilitating!” Patricia L