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Welcome to the Path of Love Mystery School where the teachings of Rhiannon and Sacred Sexual mysteries are reclaimed in modern ways.

The Path of Love Mystery School offers training courses for women and men to develop spiritually, become more conscious and awaken the authentic self. Through transformation and integration we aim for people to become more empowered and more loving.

The courses are in service to the Goddess of Love in Her many forms in Europe, and especially to Rhiannon. They offer a possibility to have a lived experience of a Goddess wheel of initiation where healing and restoration for the unhealthy or un-experienced rites of passages into maturation can be found. Our intention is to encourage the shine of each person, to recognise the Divine aspect of our essence, to being fully awake in our sensual body, and to discover the beauty of the sacred source within us. We enable space in which it becomes possible to reclaim our authentic self and to dare to illuminate where fear, shame and wounding would keep us trapped in shadow behaviour. So that we may see and own these parts of us, we work together to embrace our wounding and integrate the shadow. So that we may be whole and unafraid to share our gifts, we learn practises and healing ways to enable our soft empowerment, our sensual sexual aliveness and our healthy boundaries. We hone the skills of becoming sacred vessels, of opening to the presence of Goddess. Beginning to become more loving towards our selves and in our relationships, Her energy may be experienced in our self and in service to others. Working with sacred sexuality, The Path of Love Mystery School creates sacred space for you to encounter the dynamic of your inner feminine and masculine and open to the flow of presence and surrender. By integrating the dance of apparent opposites, we aim to end the inner war of violence and become the walkers of the Path of Love, manifesting in all do and are.

The Magdalene – Jo Jayson

If you have not worked with Katinka before, the Path of Love Mystery School is where you may enter into the mysteries of spiritual awakening and sacred sexuality.

Here you may find ways of healing and of deepening into becoming who you really are and develop self-empowerment in the indigenous ways of our European ancestors. This is where we reclaim the Healthy Village dynamics of women and men who choose to live in a mutually supportive, peaceful, honest and honouring manner together.

This is where we remember and renew the Path of Love of people everywhere who love The Goddess and The Gods in ways that are meaningful and real for us in these times.

The Path of Love Mystery School is proud to be an Interconnected Temple Training with the Temple of Avalon to whom we are affiliated.