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Resources & Freebies


Access powerful ancestral tools to feel into the wisdom of finding balance in your life, connect to the mystery of ovarian energy and kundalini practices as the great source of creative fire in your life.

Rhiannon's Wisdom Blessings 2023 Calendar

As we approach the end of the year, we have prepared a Calendar for you to share Rhiannon's wisdom with you each month.

Hawthorn Tincture and Syrup recipes

Hawthorn is Rhiannon's heart-medicine plant, and now is the perfect time to gather some berries to make tincture, elixir or syrup in celebration and gratitude for this amazing tree.

Dragon Energy Integration

Stand with your feet hip width apart, knees slightly bend. Turn to the East: breathe in a gentle continuous rhythm, breathing in as soon as you’ve breathed out and out as soon as you finish the in breath.

Rhiannon Visualisation Meditation

At any time we are invited into intimacy, into devotion and connection with the Goddess of Love. No matter what is happening for us in our inner or outer lives, She is always with us.