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Intimacy and relationship, shadow hunting and tantric therapy sessions for Couples and Individuals with Katinka Soetens, working with sacred intimacy, sexuality, trauma awareness, inner child process, shadow hunting and tantric practices.

As Tantric therapist I will help you in healing your relationship patterns, becoming free from negative habit patterns and enhancing your confidence.

Shadow Hunting is a form of advanced empathy and an act of love for self and for others when held in a trauma sensitive manner and carried out within a devotional tantric container of love and acceptance.

It facilitates an exploration of themes, issues, patterns, meaning and emotions that are below the surface of what is being shared or admitted to ourselves and to others. Shadow hunting can be part of couples and individual awakening sessions, guided by the Wheel of Initiation of Rhiannon.

The shadow aspects of the archetypes of the Wheel of Initiation of Rhiannon are an invitation to lean into looking at, and finding out about, our shadow aspects that are asking for our attention, so we may finally love them home. They are not a ‘truth’ or a label we have to carry as a burden, rather, a playful way of finding lost parts of ourselves.

In couple and individual sessions you will be led through honouring and forgiveness ceremonies, conscious touch and clear communication, address intimacy issues and resolve disbalance in your relationship choices, to the empowerment of the inner and outer masculine and feminine.

Sessions are priced at £65 p/h for individuals and £100 p/h for couples (2hrs at £110 for individuals and £180 for couples).

💥 Special limited time offer: a 1 hour introduction online session for couples for £75.


There are also bundles of sessions available:
💥 6 x 1 hr individual sessions for £300 (to be paid in advance, a saving of £90 in total; be aware that any no show or cancellation counts as one of these 6 sessions)
💥 6 x 1 hr couples session for £500 (to be paid in advance, a saving of £100 in total; be aware that any no show or cancellation counts as one of these 6 sessions)
💥 2 x 2 hr sessions for £200 for individuals and £340 for couples (to be paid in advance, a saving of £20 in total; be aware that any no show or cancellation counts as one of these 2 sessions).

Please contact me here so that we can discuss how to take things further:

    Some Testimonials about my sessions:

    ‘You have taught me so much about love attachment and making love. Here’s to you and all the people whoms life you will touch.’ Mandy Rust

    “I felt huge and small, outside and inside, powerful yet vulnerable, all at the same time. I felt pulsing energy throughout my body, I was aware of light, I was aroused. I felt loved, I was somewhere I didn’t know, but still felt safe. I didn’t need to be in control and was able to surrender. I was honoured but had a great sense of needing to honour. I felt I was able to love. I had and still have a heightened sense of respect, purpose. I loved it and want more.”
    Mike Forrester

    “As always, your unbelievable wise words flew directly to my hearts chamber and produced an instant powerful alchemy! You have THE GIFT, blessed be for being fateful to what was given to you (and which you made grow and blossom from within).” Vera Ling

    ‘Transformational… Changed my life forever. Like from an onion: patterns limiting me to fully embrace love in my life are one by one pilled off and I am cleansed from those forever and now fulfilled with pure love. I am now liberated to feel the joy of being a wild feminine. Katinka is a wonderful woman in her shinning power and I will be always be very humbly grateful for this encounter when she shared with me some of her wisdom and when her radiation enlighten my spirit and existence. My life will never be the same – thanks Rhiannon and thanks Katinka. Xxx.’ A.H.

    “I found myself really feeling held from before I arrived; that there was this loving feminine presence. Shortly after we entered the session space the grief started to flow, which I had never been able to express to anyone else. An intimacy was opened up which allowed us to explore many different worlds; emotional, sensual and spiritual with the accent being on complete honesty. Katinka would not permit me the luxury of self-deception, whilst at the same time she was always present for me emotionally. For the first time I felt well and truly seen and held and honoured.” Charlie D.

    “This has been one of the most intimate experiences I have ever had and I came away feeling that I was truly loved for who and what I am, with the beginnings of a blueprint of how to make intimacy a part of my life in the outside world. Thank you so much Katinka!” Paul R.

    “Thank you again for your loving input into me during our couple session with you. It really opened up a world for me, whilst giving me a taste/experience of a complete & stable centre that I had never known before. It also gave me an insight into my part in the dance with C; I’d never taken on board that I too bore responsibility for hooking her in. I really got in touch with the distress behind my anger & have a lot of buzzy energy in me as a result. A very exciting adventure! I’m so glad to have moved on from mildly depressed lethargy…love & blessings.” P. and C. Peterson

    “I am still searching for words to describe the honour, experiences and healing from working with Katinka. Grateful for having crossed her path of wisdom skill and healing.” Lynette G