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Shadow Hunting Sessions

Shadow Hunting is a shamanic process held within a confidential safe space, that facilitates an exploration of things that usually root into unconscious parts of a person’s psyche, waiting to be made visible and met.

Are you asking yourself why certain patterns in relationships with people, with money or places of power, with work situations and family keep repeating?

Would you like to have greater clarity in problems you may experience in which you feel shame around your authenticity or pressure to conform to something you are not?

Are you longing to be free from long held conditioning or thoughts you carry around your body or sexuality?

Come and find out how Shadow Hunting sessions can permanently change these dynamics, free you from being held back to flourish, and show you how to (re-)discover the joy and ease of your authentic self.

Shadow Hunting is an advanced form of empathy and an act of love for self and for others.

A personal Shadow Hunting session with a skilled practitioner will facilitate you exploring themes, issues, patterns, woundings, and emotions that are below the surface of what is normally being shared, expressed, or admitted to our self and to others.

Shadow Hunting challenges the wounding ‘lenses-of-reality’ through which we interpret our world, our thoughts, actions and our recurring situations.

Through exploring these shadow parts of ourselves, we may begin to recognise their function, which was to protect us from further wounding in childhood. Shadow playing out in our thoughts, energy and behaviour, are coping- or survival- techniques.

Either we are aware, but mask these places within us, or these parts are often blind spots, and we are unconscious of their presence however much they may rule us.

When the time is right, the opportunity for shadow hunting arrives for us all.

Never a comfortable process, we need courage to engage with shadow hunting, and a compassionate space to open to what may be revealed, so we can become willing to see the places that this process shows us and helps us find.

From here, the welcoming home of the places these shadow parts have held can start, so that we may become free from their distortion in our actions and reactions.

From here the healing transformation of integration, and the releasing of long held shields, fears or shame can begin. From here the freedom of authenticity can blossom.

It is not enough to only become aware of the parts Shadow Hunting can give us access to, but essential to love home all these unconscious or ‘lost’ parts of the self and actively transmute unhealthy shadow conditioning and behavioural patterns.

For this reason, the Shadow Hunting session I offer, work with the shadow aspects of the archetypes of the Wheel of Initiation of Rhiannon.

These provide a ‘road map’ and an invitation to lean into looking at, and finding out about, our shadow aspects that are asking for our attention, so we may finally love them home. They are not a ‘truth’ or a shameful label we somehow have to carry as a burden, rather, a playful way of finding lost parts of ourselves, making them visible with the help of the archetypes of Rhiannon’s wheel of initiation,

Sessions are priced at £65 p/h and are individual.

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