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Katinka’s book

The Teachings of Rhiannon

Part 1: Sacred Sexual Priestess Empowerment

This book is about Rhiannon, whose name comes from Rigatona, which means Great Queen, is the Goddess of Love on the Wheel of the year in the Avalonian tradition. As part of our indigenous spirituality, she manifests in eight great archetypes through which she shows the ways of initiating into healthy relating and the Path of Love. This e-book is the first part of teachings of this indigenous Celtic Goddess of Love. This book is about how to become more authentic and fulfilled in your loving and your sexuality. It guides you through exploration of archetypical energy, gives you specific practises and guides you into a more deeply lived experience of your connection to the Goddess of Love.

For women, it is time to remember what it is to be Priestess of the Goddess, to reclaim the Sacred Sexual Priestess who is in service to the Devine, embodying Her radiance and walking the Path of Love. We need to become the trailblazers, the initiators, the healers of the Earth, of our bodies and our communities. Now is the time to reclaim and own our mature responsibility for being alive and for the world we live in.

The Teachings of Rhiannon are a part of this work, a way for women and men to re-find the soul path of their sacred self in service to the Devine. This is a path of Self Knowledge, Self Awareness, Self-Acceptance, Self Love, Sacred Sexuality, Sensual Aliveness and Service and Care. For us to relearn the flow of aliveness and sexual energy in our body and to open our heart in gratitude and love, we need to re-learn and, perhaps for the first time, discover the sacred source within us. This will enable us to become conscious of our patterns and to drop our shielding, our poisonous knives and swords, which we wield so effectively against our self and others.

These teachings than, are for all those who long for the soul quest: for a heart-felt life, lived authentically, of knowing your essence, of shining your gifts. It is for those who choose to experience their sexuality as sacred and feel their embodied relationship with the Devine source. This book is for those who long for the home coming into the wild, free, wise, loving ways of the Goddess.

Book Launch in Italy. November 2014

Book Launch in Italy. November 2014

Book Signing- Italy November 2014

Book Signing- Italy November 2014

‘The Teachings of Rhiannon by Katinka Soetens is an extraordinary book, from start to finish. Inspired by the archetypal Rhiannon from the Wheel of the Year developed by Kathy Jones in her Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess book, it takes the goddess Rhiannon through the whole year, analyzing and celebrating her different aspects in their relation to the humane psyche. This Part 1 of the book shows us what Rhiannon will teach us if we surrender: she can teach us to love ourselves more, warts and all, and to find our childhood woundings, which still often dictate how we deal with situations in our daily life. These wounding can have created negative behaviour patterns that still dictate our actions in adulthood, and when we look closely at the actions that may be negative and destructive, through the mirror of self love and self knowledge that Rhiannon holds in front of us, we may be able to identify these patterns, identify the triggers that make us revert to our fail safe stance of deviance, avoidance and resistance. We owe it to ourselves to heal those wounds, to understand ourselves better, in order to be a more rounded, more positive person. We owe it to ourselves to love who and what we are. If we can’t love ourselves, how can we expect others to love us?

Katinka gives us practical instructions for meditation and visualisation, which I recorded so I can listen to them during my reflective time, rather than reading them out. These instructions are not complicated, they are perfect for everyone, even for beginners. These are not to be seen as chores but as gentle journeys with the goddess of love, to learn all about our own shining light, remind us of the traits that make us loveable and help us feel cherished. And yet, the mirror also shows us our shadow side, born from our woundings, help us identify areas that we need to cleanse and heal. I loved this book, it helped me see what aspects of mine need work, even after a few days of working with the exercises I can feel a difference in myself, a more positive attitude, which impacts favourably on people and situations around me. I can’t wait for Part 2.’ B. Dickinson

Katinka writing 2Katinka Soetens is a wonderful Priestess of Rhiannon, Priestess of Avalon. In this book she begins to share some of her wonderful wisdom around women’s characters, triumphs, wounding and defences, in the realms of our sexuality and our womanself knowledge.
Katinka is a fantastic teacher and this is a great start to a much longer book of Empowerment! Kathy Jones

‘This beautiful book charts the author’s first experience of the Goddess Rhiannon to her subsequent calling to work with Her. It explores how both the masculine and the feminine are challenged and damaged by patriarchal systems and suggests a series of exercises and practices designed to help open, heal and transform and to enable the reader to follow Rhiannon’s Path of Love. The narrative voice is both soulful and evocative; the writer successfully weaving wisdom from history, myth and fairytale to illuminate her teachings. A profound and truthful book, written from the heart.’ Joanna