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Sacred Bee Priestess Tour

Sacred Bee Priestess Tour, Discover the Ancient Wisdom of Crete with Katinka Soetens and Angie Twydall

Walk in the footsteps of the Sacred Bee Priestesses guided by two experienced Priestesses, Katinka Soetens and Angie Twydall.

Join us on a transformative pilgrimage, where you’ll walk in the footsteps of the Sacred Bee Priestesses and connect with the rich heritage of Crete.

An Unforgettable Journey

Embark on a soul-stirring adventure from Monday 7th October to Monday 14th October 2024. 

Experience the perfect weather in October – not too hot, not too cold, just right for exploring the enchanting landscapes of Crete.

A connection to the Motherland

Reconnect with the ancient lineage of the Sacred Bee Goddess as you immerse yourself in the spiritual energy of Crete.

Experienced Priestesses, Katinka Soetens and Angie Twydall, will guide you every step of the way.

Bees have long been seen as sacred in Minoan culture (which we rename as Ariadnean). The bee is one of the oldest forms and symbols of the Goddess.

Experience the Power of Ancient Rituals

Immerse yourself in the rich history and spiritual Goddess traditions as we pay homage to the late Minoan Priestess at her undisturbed bee-hive grave.

Together, we will participate in a profound ceremony of re-birth, connecting with ancient wisdom and divine energy.

Nurture your Senses with Nature’s Gifts

Indulge your senses as we wander through the sacred mountain, picking fresh bee-loving herbs that fill the air with their intoxicating aroma. We will honour this sacred land by making honey libations offerings into the cleft of the peak sanctuary, invoking ancient rituals passed down by generations of Priestesses.

A Journey of Birth, Death, and Re-birth

Follow in the footsteps of the revered Priestesses who held space for life’s most profound moments. Experience their wisdom as we explore themes of birth, death, and re-birth – allowing you to connect deeply with your own journey and discover new dimensions within yourself.

Discover Mythos and Unwind

In Mythos, experience the true essence of Greece. Take some time for yourself to swim, shop, and relax in this charmingly authentic Greek town. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

A Unique Encounter with “Katoe Simi” Bee

On our 6th night together, we will have the extraordinary opportunity to visit a local beekeeper who works with the rare and special “Katoe Simi” bee. Learn about their fascinating world and connect with nature like never before.

Journey to the Temple of Aphrodite

Experience a profound initiation at the great peak Sanctuary Temple known as the Temple of Aphrodite. This sacred place was dedicated to Queen of the Bees and Hermes, Son of Maia. Discover the divine wisdom bestowed upon them by the triple Bee Goddesses, the Thriae.

A Pilgrimage’s End at Eileithyia Cave

We conclude our pilgrimage by driving to the north coast where we will visit Eileithyia Cave (if open). This sacred cave is dedicated to the Goddess Eileithyia, symbolizing new beginnings and rebirth. Connect with the energies and embrace the transformative power of this ancient site.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to embark on a pilgrimage that will transform your spiritual path of the Sacred Bee Priestess.

Join us from Monday 7th October to Monday 14th October 2024.

This retreat is hosted by Sanctuary of Sophia’s -founder Angie Twydall and our tour guide is Katinka Soetens.

​Check credentials here:

​We have the skills and time to devote to the group of souls called to journey with us on this sacred tour in the footsteps of the Sacred Bee Priestesses to Crete.

We invite you to step into the Mysteries of the Sacred Bee Priestesses and look forward to guiding you into the Bee Temples of Crete.

Costs and Conditions

Cost £865,– / € equivalent

Included in this price:

  • Oct 7th to 14th accommodation, in twin or triple shared rooms.
  • Breakfast for two mornings in Myrthos.
  • All transport within the tour times indicated, to and from Heraklion airport, to the sacred sites, museums and specific bee places in the Cretan landscape that are part of the itinerary, as well as between our various accommodation.
  • Expert guidance.
  • Ceremonies and rituals.
  • Small group of like-minded travellers.

Non Refundable Deposit of £365 secures your place, payable as soon as possible by paypal or bank transfer, referencing your name and ‘BEE24’

Full payment of the rest (£500) by July 1st 2024.

Bookings after this date (if places remain available) need to be made with in full payment at time of booking.

Please note: the full cancellation fee is payable if one decides to cancel the booked place after 1st June 2024.

Programme and schedule can change due to local circumstances and as the organisers see fit.

Not included:

  • Flights to and from Heraklion.
  • Historical/sacred site and museum entrance, beach beds, etc., food, travel/personal insurance including cancelation insurance and spending money.

To confirm your place on the tour, you need to pay your deposit referencing BEE24 and your name.

  • Tour Fee
  • £ 865
    • The Sacred Bee Priestess Tour 2024 Fee costs £865.- / € equivalent. The cost includes a £365 non-refundable deposit required asap to secure your place, and a balance of £500, to be paid before 1st July, 2024.
    • (Flights and food, entrance fees, and insurance etc not included!)

Further specifications

  • English spoken tour, reasonable mobility essential.
  • Walking sandals/shoes with good grip, and sun cream use advised.
  • Bring swimming towel.
  • Please bring small suitcases only! to be able to fit all luggage into our transport this is essential.

* Please note the tour programme starts on Monday 14.00 local time 7th Oct, at Heraklion airport and ends 14th Oct 14.00 local time at Heraklion airport. 
If arriving earlier or later, please contact us, but arrange to meet us at the appointed time and place.

*We can give you recommendations for places to stay near the airport if arriving or leaving a day early/late.

*Tour times and pick up/drop of remain the same to and from Heraklion airport, transport to and from alternative places and Heraklion airport at the given tour start and end times become the responsibility/arrangement and cost of the individual.

* If arriving late or leaving early, transport to your airport point of departure also becomes the responsibility/arrangement and cost of the individual. We are a 2 hour drive away from Heraklion in the last two days of the tour and taxies are expensive.

*There are busses between Heraklion and Chania, the other international airport on Crete. If you are planning on flying into Chania, please contact us. 
Please note, bus ride takes 3+ hours and involves changes.

General information

This is a small group and we will all get to know each other as we travel into the mysteries of the Sacred Bee and the Melissa Priestesses in the beautiful nature of Crete. Do not worry if you do not know anyone else going: you will make friends and lasting connections on this trip. The shared room allocation will be intuitively chosen by the organisers, or arranged amongst yourselves.

Our accommodation will be shared, twin or double beds, sometimes triple rooms, and is comfortable yet simple, with own bathroom, fridge and aircon.

May we remind you to take care of your own travel insurance, we will be going into and onto challenging terrain at times, so please wear appropriate footwear and look after your own physical wellbeing at all time.

Bring clothes you can layer, as Crete in October is comfortably warm but can also experience windy days and rain.

Especially ensure you have adequate insurance to cover eventualities including cancellations.


  • All individuals are responsible for their own wellbeing and possessions. Tour organiser is not liable for personal injury, loss or damages.
  • Flights arrival and departures need to be coordinated time wise, to fit with the pilgrimage schedule. Otherwise, alternative transport to and from where we are staying becomes the responsibility/arrangement and cost of the individual.
  • The tour programme maybe subject to change as the organisers see fit or local circumstances dictate.

PLACE: Crete

DATE: October 7th to 14th 2024