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Crete Ariadnean Pilgrimage 2025

Crete Ariadnean Pilgrimage with Katinka Soetens

Come and follow the memory of ancestral Goddess loving people and Her priestesses, as well as the signs of the Goddess, in the sacred landscape of Crete.

The Late Neolithic and Bronze Age Ariadnean civilisation of Crete was the last pre – patriarchal culture in Europe, honouring life, beauty, women and men and living in the ways of Goddess.

This fertile land still holds the mysteries and offers a wonderful way to connect back into the Ways of the Priestess through the reclaimed libation rituals, sacred dance and symbolic movement, oracle tradition and deep underworld journey of the labyrinth.

The Cretan civilisation was abundant, amazingly advanced in arts and science, medicine and craft, agriculture and sea faring. The Ariadnean Goddess culture of Crete at this time was gift economy based, free trading and peaceful for over a 1000 years.

The beautiful landscape of Crete holds memory and allows easy access to the resonance of these ancestral times, temples and culture.

We will follow the memory of ancestral Goddess loving people and Her priestesses, as well as the signs of the Goddess, in the sacred landscape of Crete.

On this journey we will dance and create rituals in Her ancient temples, we will open to Her voice in magical Cretan nature, visit sacred caves and labyrinth, find beaches to relax into Her presence and connect deeply to the ancient Goddess Priestesses in priestess graves. We will explore Ariadnean temples, sites, musea and art as well as enjoy sunshine, beautiful sea and delicious food.

Throughout our tour, we will connect to our ancient heritage: of love between men and women, of priestesses and empowerment, of wisdom, sacredness of the body, sacredness of all life, and wisdom of the Goddess.

Come celebrate life together, with elemental ceremony and deep connection to the Ancestors and Goddess of this sacred land.

We’ll stay in simple, shared room accommodation, some of which have breakfast included, in some of the most delightful, and less touristic places in Eastern Crete.

Further specifications:

  • English spoken tour, reasonable mobility essential.
  • Walking sandals, and sun cream use advised.
  • Bring swimming towel.
  • Small suitcases please to be able to fit all luggage into our transport.

Crete Ariadnean Pilgrimage 2025 with a brand new itinery will take place from 10th to 22nd June 2025, waiting list is now open.

Please register your interest in the June 2025 Pilgrimage to be informed as soon as information becomes available. In the meantime, join our newsletter to be amongst the first to hear of other future offerings in Crete, Cyprus, Santorini and Malta.


“Ahhh I loved this tour! Highly recommended! I would do it again in a heartbeat.” Stephanie Allison Schudel

“It is fantastic tour – you will really feel you are treading in the footsteps of yourself in a previous incarnation !” Les Cloutman

“Loved this journey with Katinka.” Elaine Wattam

“People, don’t miss it! I did it. Absolutely unforgettable!” Laura Ghianda

“Loved loved the experience, love this land and Katinka’ unique guidance! Wish one day I can return! Xxx.” Luiza Frazao

“Superb experience!!!!!” Erin McCauliff

“It is the greatest! Xxx” Charlotte Haigh

PLACE: Crete

DATE: June 10th to 22nd 2025