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Dragons of Beltane: The union of the Red and the White Dragons of Avalon

Dragons of Beltane: The union of the Red and the White Dragons of Avalon

2024 is the year of the Dragon! Time to reclaim the ‘Dragon Rider’.

A Day experiential workshop ‘in person’ for women and men,  £95.- p/p

  • How would you like to become a ‘Dragon Rider’ and reclaim the power of the Dragons within?
  • Are you looking for ways to integrate your inner masculine and feminine?
  • Would you like to feel more alive, met, and present?
  • Are you seeking to bring more clarity and compassion into your relationships?

In this introduction workshop we will explore Dragons as the mythical aspect of our sacred sexual self. Through movement and breathwork, we will examine the initiation journey of how we can merge with the elemental aspect of the Dragon and become the Dragon Rider.

  • Are you dreaming of dragons?
  • If you allow yourselves to imagine dragons, what feelings arise within you?
  • Are you drawn to their mystical, elemental power or afraid of the wild and often destructive force these beings seem to embody?

This ‘dragon year’ is the perfect time to explore the Dragons of Beltane within you!

The Dragon lines that snake through this land are calling to you.
Feel the singing power points where these ancient energy currents cross and unite, alive in your body and remembering.

In Glastonbury/Avalon the Red and the White Dragon of Feminine and Masculine energy are awake in the land, especially at the powerful gateways of the year: Beltane and Samhain.

They are here to remind us, as they dance together once again in the streets for all to see, that ‘as within so without’. It is the reclaiming of the dance of the White (Masculine) and Red (Feminine) Dragons of Beltane within us, that brings wholeness and healing.

It is no accident that the Goddess of Love and sacred sexuality is linked to Dragon, as true tantric practises teach how we may learn to be Dragon Riders again.

The Red and White Dragon of Beltane, as the manifested twin kundalini serpents of sacred sexuality, which combine, rise in harmony, and fly up through the crown on the opening wings of consciousness, embodies the integration of inner masculine and feminine.

This integration is an initiation gateway of merging with the Divine essence while staying fully in the body. It shows us how we can become Dragon Riders and reclaim the power of the Dragons within us, leading to greater aliveness, compassion, and clarity.

Dragons were often marked by our ancestors on their bodies or in the sacred landscape. Now elemental awareness of their presence is rising again, returning the gateway keeper energy that Dragons hold, in our initiation journey through life as human beings.

When we move from a place of inner balance (the union of White and Red Dragon), from a place of peaceful joy within our core, the outer world and all our relationships form a reflection of that grace.

This taster workshop will enable the opening to the dance of surrender and presence within you, so that it may manifest in all aspects of your life, especially your love relationships.


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    PLACE: Glastonbury Avalon Centre

    DATE: 25th May 2024

    10.00 am to 5.00 pm with break for lunch

    COST: £95 – p/p

    A Day experiential workshop ‘in person’ for women and men.