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Free webinar: EOSTRA’S FIRE and RED EGG

Eostara's Fire and Red Egg

Free Live Webinar 21st March, Spring Equinox, 5:30pm UK time on the Path of Love Mystery School FB page.

🔥 Ignite your lust for life, rekindle your passion, reboot your love life! 🔥

Access powerful ancestral tools to feel into the wisdom of finding balance in your life, connect to the mystery of ovarian energy and kundalini practices as the great source of creative fire in your life.

It can be challenging to find enthusiasm for all the things we ‘have to do’ and the responsibilities of everyday worry can weigh us down, kill our joy or piss us off. Has the joy and glow of life dulled for you into depressed or anxious states of mind?

Would you like to be supported in rekindling the inner fire of your enthusiasm and life force?

We find the Spring Equinox the perfect time to consciously awaken our kundalini fire in support of the desires of our heart and to magnetise the creative powers of manifestation within us.

Now is the time to call in your best life, empower your heart’s desire, and ignite your vision for the way you want to live in balance.

Find the Red Egg of Rhiannon and awaken it within you, so you may choose the balanced, heart-centred ways of your authentic ‘yes and no’.

Allow yourself to receive deeply from two experienced Priestesses of Rhiannon who offer from their lived experience of the mysteries of the RED EGG

Discover how the Red Egg of the Goddess may ignite your passion and life-force and connect to the ancient Priestess Path of Love, at this powerful point of balance on the wheel of the year.

Join us on this for this Free Livestream on the Equinox 21st March with:

  • Priestess Bliss Magdalena and Katinka Soetens of the Path of Love Mystery School
  • speaking on the mysteries of Ostara and The Red Egg of Rhiannon as well as tantric fire activation practices

This webinar will open the gates to access the treasures of a Three Days ONLINE Masterclass course over Easter weekend 8/9/10 April, to dive deeper into these mysteries, to open the Red Egg and activate the three treasures of Rhiannon.

Eostara’s Fire and Red Egg webinar will be live at 17.30 on the 21st March on our Path of Love Mystery School Facebook page, by invitation (so you need to sign up below).

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    DATE: 21st March starts 17.30 UK time, 18.30 Europe, PST 9.30, EST 12.30, AEDT 4.30, NZDT 6.30.

    COST: Free