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La Que Sabe: She who knows. Wise Bone Crone Workshop

La Que Sabe: She who knows. Wise Bone Crone Workshop

Come and join Katinka Soetens on this deep Goddess journey into your power and wisdom.
In English, open to all, with Czech/Slovak translation.
Times are 9am to 5 pm UK times (so one hour later in Europe)
Special price: £139.- / €139.- for the weekend
‘In the desert there lives an old woman, She is the Crone of death and rebirth, She holds the coloured threads of karma and the bright dreams of the future. She will make you face what you fear and break open the places that no longer serve you, She will help you find the bones of your lost soul parts and sing them back alive. All those who dare to enter Her cave of mystery are transformed…. There’s a Bone Crone who lives in the desert….’
Do you dare to seek Her wisdom medicine of Love?
At the season of Samhain we travel to the cave of the Wise Bone Crone. Out in the wild lands somewhere, is the deep home of ‘She who knows: La Que Saba’, who gathers all the lost soul parts and shining essence places, She who breathes life back into our dreaming bones.
Here shame, guilt, fear, anger as well as the greatest treasures are hidden. In Her dark cave of dreams, in the centre of Her labyrinth, a light shines, illuminating shadows.
As La Que Saba, Crone Goddess is keeper of the dream worlds and leads us through unconscious labyrinths of our deep karmic wounding and long held thought patterns, to meet our fears.
La Que Saba is the initiation gateway of death.
She guides us from death to re-birth.
She reminds us that the focus is always life, the returning to life, and never death as an end, but always as an initiation to further becoming.
Bone Crone La Que Saba is the gift-giver, the messenger and mirror-keeper of wisdom and power. She teaches pleasure through devotion: to life, to the mystery, to the soul’s journey.
Through Her cave and through Her mirror we get to initiate into our true self: the maturity, empowered healthy feminine that we need so urgently today.
In this workshop we will share a deep journey of releasing old wounding patterns from many lifetimes, we will support each other to dare to ask the questions:
What in you is ready to die?
What no longer serves you?
What dreams and passions do you want to manifest in this world with courage and power?
Are you ready to remember and release, to journey into the wild deep cave of La Que Saba? Ready to become the dreamer and manifest your living wholeness and embrace your free joyous empowerment?
Please bring a bone that you can hold in your hand to journey with, and wear black for this weekend workshop.

Book your place with a one off paypal payment of £139.-/€139.- with your name and “La Que Sabe” as reference, and you will be send zoom invitation details via email.

PLACE: ONLINE – a link will be provided after the paypal payment

DATE: 28th Nov. – 29th Nov. 2020

9am to 5 pm UK times (so one hour later in Europe)

COST: £139 – p/p