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Mudra of the Priestess Workshop

Mudra of the Priestess Workshop

On 6th July 2024 come and join Katinka Soetens on this deep on-line workshop with Portuguese translation.

Special price: £50 p/p Paypal payment.

Connect and explore the 5 sacred elements to discover your own personal ‘Mudra of the Priestess’. Find the ancient empowerment of these sacred body postures experience what it feels like to step into the Priestess of the Elements.

Mudra (Sanskrit) means ‘gesture of delight’.

These simple yet powerful gestures can enhance altered states of consciousness, magical abilities, and awareness of the ‘bigger picture.

Their purpose varies according to tradition; from focusing subtle energy, transmitting teaching through symbols, to acting as a tool for healing and wellness.

In Goddess traditions and ancient cultures the world over, a mudra is a sacred body posture that has spiritual symbolic significance. The symbolic language and physical-spiritual embodiment that ‘mudras’ or ‘sacred body postures’ transmute and facilitate, is a delicious empowerment connecting us to the ancient Goddess cultures and the Priestesses of those times.

These sacred body postures are not just symbolic.

Mudras have the power to alter your body’s physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions by creating very subtle ripples in your being that open you to the spiritual presence of your own essence.

They facilitate a way of body remembering and activates the Priestess archetype to become the channel for the embodied Goddess.

Have you stood on ancient Goddess Temple ground, or in sacred power-places in nature, and felt the pulse of memory click in, so that you wanted to dance, pray, move your body in devotion, bow to kiss the earth and raise your arms in exquisite adoration?

Can you feel the soul-memory of the ancient priestess poses singing in your cells and body?

Come join us for a day-long workshop on the 6th July, which will offer you a real and delicious way to start feeling into your own deep connection to the elements, and to the ancient mysteries of the Goddess in your land and body, and to the mystery of the Mudra.

It is time to let our bodies and minds, our sex, our hearts and souls remember.

It is time to re-find and reclaim, your own unique Mudra of the Priestess!

This workshop will include a free PDF 16 page printable booklet filled with mudra research and information as well as suggestions on how to enhance your Mudra of the Priestess practice at home.

Book your place with a one off PayPal payment of £50.- p/p with your email, name and MUDRA as reference.

This workshop is also taking place in other two countries as an evening workshop.

In Bratislava it’s on 25th April 2024, and in Italy, Turin on 17th May.

If you are interested in these two other options, please email me.

    PLACE: On-line on Zoom, with Portuguese translation

    DATE: 6th July 2024

    10.00 am to 5.00 pm with break for lunch

    COST: £50 – p/p