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Rhiannon’s Archetype Practice Manual

Rhiannon's Archetype Wheel of Initiation Workbook

Practice Manual

Discovery workbook and Practice Manual for the Archetypes of Rhiannon’s Wheel of Initiation.

This unique practice manual will allow you to find your own connection with Rhiannon-Epona as Sovereign Goddess and Great Queen of Love, by introducing Her nine Goddess Archetypes within the mysteries of the wheel of life.

Created by Katinka Soetens for the Path of Love Mystery School, this workbook brings together years of practice in walking with Rhiannon as Her priestess and teacher of Her wheel of initiation, in a easy to use, affordable way to self-discovery and deepenign into the work this Path offers.

Come and explore the Nine Houses of Initiation of the Wheel of Rhiannon!

With insightful information pages to introduce each healthy, and each shadow form of the Archetypes of this Wheel of Life, as well as wonderful tantric practices for you to discover and enhance Rhiannon’s presence and grow your connection to her Archetypes.

Come and explore the gentle ‘discovery processes’ that will increase your understanding of yourself, and help you begin to ‘shadow hunt’ how each of the Archetype’s shadow forms are ruling you or asking for your attention to be initiated into their healthy forms.

Come and be inspired to deepen your understanding, lived experience and devotion to Goddess through this life changing Practice Manual, that offers a guide and introduction to the journey of initiations, held in the Priestess of Rhiannon training.