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Soft-Power, Full-Desire: Feminine Tantric Techniques to activate your Inner Sanctuary

Soft-Power, Full-Desire: Feminine Tantric Techniques to activate your Inner Sanctuary

In this online day workshop, we will work with Tantric Techniques to activate our inner sacred Feminine sanctuary. This activation will help you to:

  • enrich your relationship with your body.
  • discover, (re)awaken, and explore your kundalini in a ‘soft’,        delicious form, designed for the feminine energy body.
  • harness your creative power.
  • discover the true potential of your inner sanctuary.
  • connect with Goddess in new, meaningful and enriching ways.

Have you ever wondered about the hidden pathways of your Solar-, Lunar-, and Stellar- fire sources of your Kundalini?
Would you like to explore how to awaken your inner fire and bring more ease, focus, joy and resourced-ness to your life?

Then come and connect to your deep source and the secret smile of your inner sanctuary through the mysteries of Soft Trance Kundalini, by learning these delicious, powerful Tantric techniques.
Come and allow the awakening of this Feminine Initiation in all of your being.

In this day workshop, we’ll be working with ‘Soft Trance Kundalini” practices that are a part of the forgotten Tantric blood-mysteries.
These techniques offer a unique way to connect to the Divine Source within, a way of walking with the soft inner dance of pleasure that opens the heart.

It is time to start remembering, reclaiming, and re-visioning these Tantric Kundalini practices, for our health and general wellbeing, for greater love and compassion in the world, and for our juicy, joyous aliveness.

Springing from ancient Temple teachings combined with direct downloads from the Feminine Divine Goddess of Love, the Path of Love Mystery School has developed ‘Soft Trance Kundalini’ techniques especially designed to invite and surrender into igniting life-force energy, rather than pushing for something to happen, in the awaken of the flow of pleasure and joy.

The resulting fluid aliveness can be taken into ceremonial presence, into ritual sacred space, into healing, or just be beneficial to the everyday tasks we face and responsibilities we carry.
Let the delicious secret smile of your inner sanctuary, support and resource you in being ‘Love-in-action’ in the world.

Come explore the Soft Power and Full Desire of the Divine Feminine Sanctuary within, as we welcome the three Fires of Rhiannon’s Kundalini sources into your body.

£75 for the day, PayPal payment to be send the Zoom link and all further information.

PLACE: ONLINE – a Zoom link will be provided after the PayPal payment

DATE: 5th May 2024

10.00 am to 5.00 pm UK time with lunch break

COST: £75 – p/p / € equivalent