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Soft-Power, Life-Passion, Full-Desire, 3 element Path of Rhiannon day workshops

Soft-Power, Life-Passion, Full-Desire, 3 element Path of Rhiannon day workshops

Come reclaim and discover the ancient elemental gifts of the Divine Feminine: Soft-Power, Life-Passion, and Full-Desire, in a sacred journey of empowerment around the Celtic wheel of Initiation.

This series of three online day workshops offers the chance to journey with Rhiannon and Her elemental Archetypes. Let the Goddess of Love illuminate you with Her guidance and radiance.

Connecting with three very ancient and shamanic forms of the Goddess, we will gently explore the Path of Love for yourself and others, to find the elemental gifts of this Goddess of Love. To walk this Path of Love we need to have the courage to shine our soul‘s light into the world, illuminating Shadow, our own especially.

These workshops are for you if:

  • you are curious about what empowerment and love for yourself and others could mean in your daily life…
  • you would like to explore working with the guidance of the Great Wheel of initiation of Goddess Rhiannon and get to know some of Her elemental archetypes…
  • you are feeling the awakening of the realization that there is more to s’ex, love and relating, and you feel ready to step into greater freedom and joy..
  • you would like to experience healthy sisterhood circle space and an introduction to my way of working before deciding to sign up for a full training programme…

Come and enjoy one or all of these online day workshops.

28th Jan (Air), 24th March (Fire), 5th May (Water) 2024:

Explore your joyous empowerment by being in connection to Goddess, in healthy sisterhood circle with Priestess Katinka Soetens of the Path of Love Mystery School.

Rhiannon of Air, 28th Jan. 2024

Online with Italian translation.

AIR: Soft-Power

Connection to the ancient Bird Goddesses,

The Divine Feminine as Celestial Dove and the Wisdom Crone Archetype.
Path of Rhiannon workshop day working, with the Soul Song Singer archetype of Goddess: The elemental form of Rhiannon of Air, linked to most ancient shamanic bird Goddesses and the Celestial Dove of Love.

As Soul Song Singer, Rhiannon invites compassion and discernment.

As Goddess of the element AIR on the wheel of initiation, She invites us to honour the long-ago ancestors and their many gifts that shine within us, as well as to own more recent, negative ancestral patterns that no longer serve us, that are unhealthy to carry forward and be bound by.

Soul Song Singer Rhiannon asks us to be fearless in examining our self and to listen for the soul song of our purpose that sings in the soft power of our authenticity.

She will guide us on gentle wings of Her magical birds, to let us look at what we are afraid of, so that the possibility of love is restored, and we may open our wings to soar into our SOFT-POWER.

During this day we will be working with breath and sound, with smoke offerings and smudge, with the sacred connection between chakras and the Soul Song of our Karmic purpose in this life, as well as our fear that would keep us small.

Please have a comb to journey with, a feather to cleanse your chakras with air, and some incense you can light to make smoke offering with (Smoke Puja).

Rhiannon of Fire: 24th March 2024

Online with Italian translation

FIRE: Life-Passion

Connection to ancient Snake Goddesses,

The Divine Feminine as Path Finder and the Maiden archetype

Path of Rhiannon workshop day working, with the Explorer Archetype of Goddess: The elemental form of Rhiannon of Fire, linked to the ancient shamanic snake Goddesses and to the Initiation Serpent of our passion.

As Path-Finder, Rhiannon of Fire invites exploration and courage. Her gifts are the fully owned power of our passion, and the trail blazing force of creative manifestation that arises from the radiance of our life-force.

As Goddess of the element Fire on the wheel of Initiation, She invites us to marvel at the sacred source of fire in our blood, the star light essence of our ovaries and explore the fire of Her snake, igniting the rising kundalini energy within us, to discover our blazing love for life.

We will work with the passionate embrace of Her snakeskin belt, and learn to raise our s’exual energy into our heart-space.

There, we will explore what this passion-fire means in our body, how to recognize the resistances we carry around the empowerment of owning the fire-essence of Her Love as our source.

You will (re-) ignite your LIFE-PASSION and work with the power of your sacred s’exuality, conscious of how this fire can set the world alight, and how is glows in your passion and longing.

We will work with dance, soft-trance kundalini, sharing, breath, self-honouring touch, meditation, and sensuality to realize what blocks us from loving ourselves and others, so that we may see and experience the Goddess of Love in our own body and being as well as in others.

Please have a cloth to wear as belt to journey with, a piece of something delicious to taste, and a candle to light for our ceremony. Make sure you will be uninterrupted, in a space in which you feel comfortable to move, make sound, explore touch and feel free to express your fire energy.

Rhiannon of Water, May 5th 2024

Online with Italian translation

WATER: Full-Desire

 Connecting to the ancient water Goddesses, The Divine Feminine as Sirena, the twin-tailed Mermaid and the Lover Archetype of our Full-Desire.

Path of Rhiannon online day workshop, working with the Lover Archetype of Goddess: The elemental form of Rhiannon of Water, linked to the ancient shamanic twin-tailed Mermaid Goddesses, Her pearl of wisdom, and to the Mirror of the Goddess of Love.

As Goddess of Water on the wheel of initiation, Deep Diver Rhiannon invites the unashamed, unapologetic authentic flow of our desire and our joyous freedom, to merge with Her deep wisdom.

We will dive deep into our places of boundaries and emotions: how open or closed can we be as we ride the waves of our lives and watch the tides of our emotions. With ceremonial process for washing away the shackles of shame to clearly see where our wild free s’exual self would compromise love and settle to walk on the knives of inauthenticity. Through the dark mirror of the deep, we will journey to find our pearls of wisdom, and connect with our FULL-DESIRE.

During this day workshop, we will work with movement, dance, breath, shamanic guided meditation, the oceanic flow of full-desire, and a beautiful anointing ceremony to honour and bless, heal and anoint our wild, free, joyous s’exual self.

Please have a handheld mirror to journey with, a large bowl of water, some flower petals and essential favourite oil (such as rose oil) to add to this water and to use for your anointment.

Costs and Conditions

Price is £330,- / € equivalent for all three workshops, paid in one go at sign up through PayPal.

OR 3 installment payments of £125- / € equivalent, made like a week before each of the dates.

Or pay £125.- for one / for each workshop, paid before the start of each.

Zoom link will be send with receipt of PayPal payment

To confirm your place, you need to pay at least first instalment referencing ELEMENT and your name.



    Payment Terms*

    Price £330,- / € equivalent for all three workshops, paid in one go at sign up through PayPal.


    OR 3 installment payments of £125- / € equivalent, made like a week before each of the dates.


    OR pay £125- / € equivalent for one / for each workshop, paid before the start of each.


    Payment Schedule: I agree to pay the fee for the Workshops as follows:


    OPTION A Paid in full - £330.OPTION B Paid by 3 instalments - 125£.


    Confirmation and Agreement*

    Her Path of Love Ltd, The Path of Love Mystery School and it’s tutors enforce all known safety methods that are seen to be correct in the light of current understanding of your course subject. Her Path of Love Ltd., The Path of Love Mystery School and its tutor is not, and will not, be held liable for any assumed damage that is deemed to occur at any time. Participants must accept that all knowledge is given in good faith. Participants must understand that they are entering into training in a pioneer field and all such training is given in good faith to the highest known safety standards of known or perceived practices within this discipline and that though they may experience the teachings as therapeutic, the course is not therapy. If required, participants must undertake their own individual practice insurance.

    I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to abide by workshop booking terms, conditions and disclaimer and that the above information I have given is true and correct. I hereby state that I, or any persons acting on my behalf, will not hold or claim against Katinka Soetens, Her Path of Love Ltd, The Path of Love Mystery School, or any of the trainings, tutors or estates for any damages assumed or otherwise for any conditions, be it emotional, mental, spiritual, physical or financial relating to my training with them.



    Payment for the 'Elements Online Workshop'

    After submitting this form you will be re-directed to Paypal and then back to our website. Please wait after the click, and choose the friends and family option.

    PLACE: ONLINE – a Zoom link will be provided after the PayPal payment

    DATE: 28th Jan (Air), 24th March (Fire), 5th May (Water) 2024

    10.00 am to 5.00 pm European times (so one hour earlier in UK)

    COST: £330 – p/p / € equivalent for the 3 workshops