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SWEDEN, Gotland: Sacred Sexual Priestess of Love training

Sacred Sexual Priestess of Love training–Gotland, Sweden

Two year, 10 weekends training with Katinka Soetens to become a

Sacred Sexual Priestess in Gotland, Sweden.

Based on the Teachings of Rhiannon in the Avalonian tradition, brought to you through The Modern Magdalene Mystery School

The Great Goddess of Love calls to us, She whispers the language of truth and beauty She asks us to remember who we are – Sacred Embodiments of Her. We are erotic, sensual, powerful, alive, conscious, compassionate, beautiful, wild, wise and loving, Priestesses of Her Temple which is our body, our mind and our heart, and which is the land around us.

The Sacred Sexual Priestess of the Goddess is a Soul Path calling, a commitment to walk Her ways of Love. The Modern Magdalene Mystery School brings you this training as a way to remember the Lover Goddess of Italy and Her sacred service which embrace the ways of women; which honour life, Goddess, the land and the sacred core essence in women and men.

This is a feminine path of self-care and love, beauty and sacred sexuality – the reclaiming and awakening of the Sacred Sexual Priestess, based on the Teachings Of Rhiannon in the Avalonian Goddess tradition.

At this time women are called to heal themselves, their relationships and our planet. It is time to really look at and own the ways in which we participate in and perpetuate patriarchal structures. The Goddess of Love holds the mirror for us to see, own, heal and release parts of our self that stand in the way of the flow of love.

During the two years of this experiential and transformative non- residential training we will meet in 10 circle weekends to experience different aspects of the Goddess of Love based on the Teachings of Rhiannon, and of our woman self. We will learn to listen for and follow Her guidance as She expresses in and through us and discover, deepen and re-member the arts and skills of this soul calling.

We work with the ever-present inner Goddess of Love, to learn new skills and remember the blood mysteries, to sit in a supportive women’s circle, to heal and to call back the sacred sexual priestess. We work individually, in pairs and in small groups, and at times sky- clad (naked), to realise what blocks us from loving ourselves and others, so that we may see and experience Goddess in our own body as well as in those around us.

This spiral will include teachings around: blood mysteries, birth and other rites of passage such as ‘Opening of the way’ and Lover initiations, Handfasting ceremonies and Menopause, Abortion/Miscarriage ceremonies as well as sexual healing, conscious touch, cleansing and honouring rituals, sacred dance, inner marriage of goddess and god, body-disarmament, tantric ceremony, awakening the senses, embodiment, expressing boundaries and owing desires, releasing fear and loving oneself, serving the Goddess, and guiding others into Her presence. If completed successfully, and at the discretion of the tutor, this leads to a powerful self-initiation ceremony in the last weekend, to serve the Goddess of Love as Her Sacred Sexual Priestess.

To see all the dates please the Events List.

Course Details:

11/12/13 Oct 2019 Crone, Wise woman

We will meet Rhiannon as Wisdom-Keeper, Setter of Tasks and Giver of Gifts, and look into Her mirror, meeting our dis-owned selves and all we wish to avoid. We will learn to stalk beauty. Asking for Her blessing, we call in Rhiannon’s wheel to facilitate body disarmament and loving acceptance of our bodies so that we may start the journey of becoming Rhiannon’s vessels for sacred presence on Earth. We will experience giving and receiving elemental touch to open further to the flow of Her energy and set our intention as Sacred Sexual Priestesses.

28/29 Feb 1st March 2020 Soul Song singer, Enchantress of Air

Soul Song Singer of the Void and Enchantress of Air and song birds, will guide us deeper as we work with Her gifts of air; breathing open our chakras to feel the full flow of life’s joy and learning how to awaken the senses. Journeying with Her birds, we’ll get clear vision on the ancestral patterns of the blood lineage that we carry and the patriarchal projections in which we participate, so that we can own and release what doesn’t serve. Resting in the nest of desire, we will find our wings and help each other fly through the doorway of our fear. We will deepen our commitment to serve the Goddess of Love in all we do.

12/13/14 June 2020 Wild Maiden

Goddess of Love as Maiden holds the mirror of our Sweet Wild Maiden self, and for her shadows: Shielded Maiden and The Princess. During this weekend we will reflect on who our inner maiden is and create a moonlodge, learning how to hold this sacred women space for others. We will work with the blood mysteries and create ceremony for the releasing of shame, discuss moonlodge tools and find the treasures that lie hidden to help us initiate, guided by wild Maiden Rhiannon as First Maiden in our body. Calling our sacred sexual priestess self, we will honour and heal our inner Maiden with a Menarche ceremony and create a ‘menarche crown’ at this time of Budding.

25/26/27 Sept 2020 Path Finder, Explorer of Fire

As Her fire snake rises in the land, we meet Goddess of Love as Path Finder and spiral deeper into Her mysteries, welcoming back the essence of our sacred sexual priestess. Adorning our self with her snake-like belt, we will ignite the kundalini (life/sexual) energy of our body. We work with the fire of anger, the burn of unmet need and the flame of love. We create a safe space to honour our yonis, celebrating their beauty and wisdom with yoni gazing, yoni speaking and exploration. This weekend will involve some nudity, a lot of movement and dance as well as body painting and a celebration of sensuality. We will discuss the ancient ceremony of ‘opening of the way’ and how to make this applicable to our time and communities.

11/12/13 Dec 2020 Lover, Initiator, Dakini

Now we invoke the Goddess of Love into our body to find the safe sacred space to share our sexual journeys, our wounding and experiences and begin to honestly own our Desire as the Fire of Life, which illuminates the Path of Love. We will learn new sensual skills; working with the gifts of presence and surrender, with our full desire and density of our essence reaching and merging, we explore conscious lovemaking. We will gently open to sexual healing for our self and priestess for each other in a yoni massage ritual at this time of Flowering. This weekend involves sacred tantric practices and nudity within this context.

5/6/7 March 2021 Deep Diver, Vessel and Mermaid of Water

At the time of the darkest days of our year, we will be guided by the gifts of Goddess as mermaid and dive deep into our wild, free, honest, sexual selves. We will work with the gifts of Her waters, exploring our boundaries. How open and closed can we be in each moment as we observe the tides of our emotions? We will create and hold the space for owning projection, jealousy and expressing emotions, and learn to make the mermaid choice between the knife and the lantern. We practice the ancient sacred acts of anointing and ritual washing. In preparation for holding Lover initiation or Handfasting ceremony. We learn to bring presence to our touch to experience the essence of our giving and receiving. Riding an ecstatic wave, we will meet the dance of our inner Goddess and God.

28/29/30 May 2021 Mother Goddess, Midwife

During this weekend we will ask Goddess of Love to be Midwife to our growing and help us heal our mother story, the wounding in our mother line. By co-creating a safe womb space and through the process of re-birthing we allow our hearts to open to the essence of forgiveness and honouring. Touching deeply into the star-source energy of our Ovaries, we will embody the compassionate creative energy of Mother Goddess and through Her connect to the ‘collective feminine’ and to gratitude. We’ll learn to create a blessing-way ceremony as we prepare to birth our Sacred Sexual Priestess self, and work with ceremony for abortion and miscarriage as sacred spaces into being at this time of Fruiting.

10/11/12 Sept 2021 Great Queen, Earth and Freedom Rider

Connecting to Great Queen Goddess in our body, mind and heart and open our selves to the manifestation of Her magnetism. Working with body disarmourment, we ride through the veils with Her horses to Freedom. We will connect to Her sacred land and claim our Realm: that which we choose to own responsibility for. We will shadow hunt our Loyal Guardian, revisiting places that hold our fear and smallness, especially around our Priestess empowerment and shine. In sisterhood we’ll celebrate our Queen self with a crowning preparation and Menopause ceremony involving conscious touch, sacred embodiment and the raising of Her Field of Love

10/11/12 Dec 2021 Wise Woman, Labyrinth Priestess

In the returning of the circle we will work with the deeper places of fear and power, specifically reclaiming ancient karmic patterns that stop us from daring to shine as Priestess and as Sacred Sexual Priestess in particular. Working with soul retrieval and body memory, we will journey to bring the ‘Before’ the wounding time and energy back into the ‘Now’. This ‘healing the past in the present’ is powerful medicine and transformational, as everything She touches changes. We will walk into Her labyrinth to enter the deeper mystery and stay there between this weekend and our last initiation weekend, to meet the places in us that require further integration and love. Therefore we will carefully prepare to do this work, fully guided by the Goddess of Love as our Mistress through the Labyrinth.

25/26/27 March 2022 Lover Goddess of the Center, Illuminatrix, Innitiatrix, Heart’s Flame, Mirror of Love

Initiation of the Sacred Sexual Priestess. In our final weekend we will share our journey’s wisdom, find individual preparation space and co-create a feast.

We will embody our Sacred Sexual Priestess, share our skills and co-create powerful preparation ceremonies for our Self-initiation ceremony as Priestess of the Goddess of Love in which to be seen and witnessed as we dance and dedicate ourselves in service to Her as we become Her lantern bearers, Her beacons of Love.

The Sacred Sexual Priestess training is experiential and will involve you in personal change and Self-development. The Goddess’s touch is transformative – She Changes Everything She Touches … and you need to be prepared for this to obtain the maximum benefit from participating in this course.

For all weekends: please bring a journal to write in and something to contribute to the altar. If possible wear red comfortable clothes you can move freely in. In addition, you’ll be asked to bring various other items for different weekends closer to the time. This training requires you to practice and spend time working with the energy of the Goddess of Love, developing a personal daily practice as well as visiting Her sacred sites on your lands, between circle.

PLACE: Gotland, Sweden

DATE: Starting on 11/12/13 OCT 2019