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Three Red Eggs, Three Treasures of Spring

Easter weekend: 8/9/10th April.

We are Bliss Magdalena Qadesh and Katinka Soetens, Priestesses of Rhiannon of the Path of Love Mystery School, and we will be opening one of the RED EGGS each day over the Easter weekend.

We are excited to greet you at a time of rebirth, and enter together into a space to explore practices and ancient skills to help us re-focus around what we want to manifest as LOVE in our lives and in the world.

🔥Re-kindle your kundalini fire,
🔥Re-Alight Your Passion, Power and Presence
🔥Re-awaken to making loving fun and easy.

Each Treasure-Class will become available each day at 9am UK time, when we will open the Red Egg of the Easter weekend day. You will have access to the classes’ material for one whole month (till the 7th of May2023), so you can savour the treasures of the Three Red Eggs and there is no need to stress if your Easter weekend is busy.

Each day offers you a 1 hour to 1.5 hour online pre-recorded treasure-trove class or power-point presentation, for you to enjoy in your own time, to connect to one of the sacred chakra-wisdoms of the body and to enhance the alignment of your life-force and heart, through the Three Red Eggs of Rhiannon.

🥚April 8th:
First RED EGG of self love and potential

• Enjoy Sacred awakening of your inner fire: kundalini and ovarian mystery practises with Priestess and tantrika Katinka Soetens of the Path of Love Mystery School.
• Giving you the tools for the energetic awaking of your inner fire of creation, your kundalini, to ignite your joy and passion, and align you to the rising energy in the nature of Avalon.
• With a soft trance kundalini practice (part of safe, easy and delicious breath practises taught in the Path of Love Mystery School – Priestess of Rhiannon training) and movement meditation to ground you in your passionate aliveness and your connection to the seasons of life.

🥚April 9th:
Second RED EGG of creative purpose and potential

• Explore the power of the inner magnetism of your purpose, presence and potential with Priestess Bliss Magdalena
• Giving you a reboot to choose where you are focussing your creative energy by aligning your soul-purpose in the Temple of the Heart, to come home to the deeply embodied place of belonging and reconnect to the inner voice of your own Divine Voice.
• With a simple Lunar Womb Temple ritual you can do at home, guided by Priestess Bliss Magdalena to activate your divine manifestation template using sensory somatic experiencing, timeless spell-craft and intentionality to evoke, invoke and actualise the boundless potential of your soul into physical seeding of your lifelong desires and dreaming.

🥚April 10th:
Third RED EGG of relationship, calling in or rekindling love-partnership

• Enjoy inspirational tools to prepare for your best relationship yet or to re-meet as lovers and rekindle the spark of your excising relationship, with Priestess and Tantrika Katinka Soetens of the Path of Love Mystery School.
• With a Sacred Intimacy Blessing Meditation and Sexual Love Priestess Activation Hypnotic Journey recording from Priestess Bliss Magdalena of the Lunar Womb Temple, to bed in and deeply re-program your subconscious to safely and joyously welcome connection, arousal and pleasure with yourself and others.
• Giving you 15 concrete relationship tools to start using straight away, in a 1.5 hour long ‘5 love keys’ power-point presentation for relationship preparation, enhancement and rekindling.

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    DATE: Easter weekend: 8/9/10th April

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