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How to become a Dragon Rider: 10 Month Training – with Katinka Soetens

This is an initiation journey for women and men. We will explore merging with the elemental aspect of the Dragon and become the Dragon Rider.

Dragon, as the mythical aspect of our sacred sexual self, is the guardian of our treasure and the voice of our intuitive knowing. As a source of our empowerment, it has been distorted and so we become dragon slayers or captured by the dragon in fear and disempowerment.

Dragon also holds the shadow we must face to enter into the mysteries. Unmet desires and un-fulfilled dreams, propel us to face some of our darkest fears and shadow places. Our Dragon can hide in the flame of desire and in the shadow of our wounding patterns, but always guards the gold of authentic being and loving relating.

The Dragon Rider Training

With courage and support, we can meet our dragon and free ourselves from the distortions it carries, in other words channel our wild, free sexual energy.

We will also learn to be dragon riders again. Dragon, as the manifested twin kundalini serpents of sacred sexuality which combine, rise in harmony, and fly up through the crown with the wings of consciousness, embodies the integration of inner masculine and feminine. Here hides the ancient dragon power of the tribe of King Arthur Pendragon, elemental manifestation of our free sexual energy source, the full embodiment of the protector and the guardian of the Goddess and Her ways of Love.

This hero’s quest is slightly different for women than it is for men; so we will become conscious, gain understanding and become filled with appreciation for each other’s journey in this mixed group course.

Come and connect to this power animal and gateway keeper of the mysteries. Mythology will be our guide, connecting us to this elemental power in the land, in the mysteries and within our self, as we enter the Dragon’s fire of alchemical transformation.

This transformational training will require you to do regular ‘homework’ involving energy and self-reflection practices between training weekends.

Course dates: 2022-2023

We will:

  • Meet in 4 circle weekends to deeply experience the initiation journey of the Dragon Rider quest
  • experience different aspects of our inner and outer Dragon
  • Work individually, in pairs and in small groups
  • explore the shadow of our wounding patterns and our true desire
  • create powerful healing ceremonies of soul retrieval and empowerment
  • enter the dance of loving integration of our anima and animus, our inner feminine and masculine.
  • engage with our fears and our treasured gifts

Dragon Rider Quest will include teachings around:

  • Identifying familiar limiting behaviour patterns
  • Kundalini breath and movement practises
  • Soft Power, full Desire energy practises
  • conscious and unconscious houses of our psyche
  • Selecting the path of courage that leads into the Dragon’s lair and supports us in letting go.
  • Sensing the Dragon’s elemental nature and choosing whether we would be it’s captive, slave,  slayer, master or rider.
  • Standing in the Dragon’s breath and entering the Death Lodge Journey to surrender our ego illusions and projections
  • inner masculine/feminine dynamics and how they are mirrored in our outer relationships
  • empowerment, transformation and integration

Create an authentic, meaningful and conscious relationship with yourself

After learning how to become a Dragon Rider you will begin to own the affirmation of and healing of your true self. You may befriend your inner dragon and begin to know it’s treasures. You will look into the dragon’s mirror and see your inner masculine, your inner feminine.
Be-friending the Dragon will help you to integrate this form of your anima/animus.
We will explore embodiment of our sacred sexual authentic empowerment while facing the Dragon, so we may embrace the great potential of our soul-purpose journey in this life.

Applying to join the Dragon Rider Course

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