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Path of the Lover - Brotherhood of Rhiannon

Men's empowerment soul-quest into conscious embodiment of masculinity and femininity, presence, passion and sacred sexuality.

No course dates available at the moment.

The Path of the Lover Brotherhood is an initiation journey through the 9 houses of the Wheel of Great Goddess Rhiannon; Lady of Love.

This course will provide a mirror, an opportunity to practice and experience initiatory exercises, ceremony, meditations, breath and body work which will help you to become more fully embodied, more authentic in the expression of your sexuality, clearer in your service to life, your ability to love and be loved, more focused in the manifestation of your intention, and more connected to your life force: more of the man you know you can be.

Brought to you by The PATH OF LOVE Mystery School

Path of the Lover, Brotherhood of Rhiannon is part of male initiation mysteries and self development work. A soul-quest for he who dances the sacred dance of the Beloved, the Horned God loving the Goddess. He who manifests this place of surrender and power in all his relationships, inner and outer.

Facilitated by Sadhu Valakhilyas and Katinka Soetens, Priest and Priestess of Rhiannon: Goddess of Love.

The journey of the Path of the Lover holds the mysteries of the inner dance of Lover Goddess and the Horned God and will facilitate a deep understanding of the flow of feminine and masculine energy in order to shed light on stuck places in relationship, and on the dis-owned places of the persona, that stand in the way of the power within. It offers a space to explore how the empowered masculine dances with the feminine regardless of what is going on for her, as that point of clear consciousness within her creative chaos flow, as the presence she seeks, and what it means to be a man, a Lover, fully empowered, wild, present, honest, gentle and loving, and in service to the Devine, in the world today.

The Path of the Lover empowerment journey is held from the place of the Devine Feminine, the Goddess of the centre who’s consort, the Horned God, moving in his different aspects or archetypes within all men, and who She magnetises by Her conscious surrendered loving presence. She is the Sacred Initiator who brings transformation, healing, authentic sovereignty and empowerment.

This year long group will be a space in which to meet as brothers, to share, explore, shadow hunt and help each other amplify the core male energy, which is the ‘Lover of the Goddess’, ‘The God’ in every man.

These teachings are based on wheel of initiation and the Priestess of Rhiannon training.

On this Path we will visit places of vulnerability and power, of trauma and triumph, of fear and love, of our deep wounding and the gateway into our gift these offer us.

A substantial part of this work is shadow hunting, and involves deep honesty around the inner dance of masculine and feminine and how it manifests in your outer relationships, especially with women. For in the journeys of awakening men there is a burden of guilt which is carried like a weight, which cuts off the source energy of life, the beautiful essence of sexual power, the voice of the root. We will find, connect and listen to this voice and it’s truth while visiting the 9 Houses of the Lover’s soul-quest into the Brotherhood of Rhiannon.

Meeting for 9 weekends over 12 months, soul-questing through the 9 Houses of the Lover, this will be a practice, a walking the Path of the Lover, a meeting with empowering archetypes and aspects of our shadow self such as; the ‘lost prince’ and the ‘shielded boy’, the ‘soldier’ and ‘the white knight’, the ‘addict/rebel’ and the ‘entrapped/conformer’, the ‘tyrant’ and the ‘wounded king’, the ‘loyal guardian’ and the ‘self saboteur’. We will sit in circle, experience the deep ceremony of Sweat Lodge and transformational power of the Death Lodge and learn life-enhancing practices that will serve your growth and benefit all of your life.

Through clear communication, conscious touch, breath-work and embodiment of the healthy mature masculine in relation to each other and to Woman, and deepening into authentic conscious masculinity, we journey into owning the Lover who dances from a place of honour, presence, clarity and service, he who is King.

The 9 Houses of the Path of the Lover that the Brotherhood of Rhiannon travels through

1st House – House of the Ancestors and of Memory

2nd House – House of the Wild Youth and of Vision. With Initiation Lodge

3rd House – House of the Path Finder, of Fire and Passion

4th House – House of the Seeker and Sexuality

5th House – House of the Deep Diver, Water and Forgiveness. With Sweat Lodge

6th House – House of the Hero and of Gifts/Treasure

7th House – House of Earth and Protection

8th House – House of Death and Wisdom. With Death Lodge. Integration and reflection period

9th House – House of the King and Initiation

In the Centre is the Home of the Lover and of the Beloved: the Goddess Rhiannon and the Horned God. This Centre will be our compass, our constant guiding point of reference.

Each weekend day will run from 10am to 6pm or later.


£1200,-  Non refundable Deposit of £200 upon application secures your place. (full refund given if application is not accepted.)

Instalment plan available, all details on application form.

Booking and further information contact Katinka Soetens.

What men on the Path of the Lover have said about this journey

“Honouring you, Katinka, for all the juicy delicious soulful, sexy energies you bring and inspire, such an amazing day. Thank you for leading the group. Feel like we did 6 months work on a single day. Blessings and love.”
David S.

“Good morning you wonderful being; just a quick note to say thank you for yesterday. It was a truly wonderful day, albeit a tiring one (my knees ache like crazy this morning!!) Thank you also to the other wonderful beings who shared themselves in such a selfless way, to allow me the chance to learn and grow, and a special thank you to S. for the feedback you gave me at the end of the day. It means a lot to me and I shall treasure it. Blessed Be to all.”
Trevor S.

“Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for helping me see myself. Your skill at finding the truth of a person, at challenging them to face, and to reclaim, and to heal their woundings, is truly astounding. Thank you” Dave P.

“Feeling so blessed to undertake such a profound journey in such remarkable company. I felt so very carried by our collective energy this Wild Youth weekend passed. So empowered and supported to delve into my deep woundings and nurture them with the light of presence and consciousness. I’m feeling these once sore places glow now, and illuminate me with new possibilities of being. Katinka, I am so profoundly moved by your all seeing, all embracing, all loving facilitation of our group! You help make the most difficult places in me a playground of new life and potential. You shine into my deepest woundings and beam love there so I can meet them and in turn learn to offer them my love. You really are an irresistible delight and so fully embody your work and passion. Shadow Huntress of Love extraordinaire! ”  Sadhu

“A section of life-hardened men,
united in the love of the Goddess
Laid aside our dented shields to discover
The power of our unguarded masculinity
The YES of our loins
and the yes of our hearts

We were there, on that day
and did not hold our manhoods cheap
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.”

“At Yule I embarked on an amazing journey with a dozen other men: Katinka’s Brotherhood of Rhiannon life experience.

We have just completed the first third of the journey, which is proving to be a true hero’s quest: challenging, epic, exciting and amazingly rewarding.

It’s an extraordinary privilege to be on this journey, facing up to the patterns of behaviour imposed upon us by our personal histories and the society we were brought up in.  Facing that and moving beyond, becoming the men we should truly be.  To  change well worn habits and outworn defences is not easy.  Even if we know ourselves well enough to see these patterns, stepping beyond them is hard because it takes the courage to become something unknown, unfamiliar. Yet as the weeks go by we are being transformed, thanks to the wisdom, skill and faith of Katinka, who has the gift of bringing the energy and love of God and Goddess into solid, earthly, gritty reality.   This drawing down of sun and moon has been powerful yet so subtle.  Katinka’s work with us is saturated with the energy of Rhiannon but never in a ‘head space’ way. 

My experience of Rhiannon in this is that She is true love in that She is totally present without any desire to be acknowledged for her gifts.  She is that sense of presence that fills the heart and opens the mind. She is cathartic and catalytic.  She is that total sense of trust and calm, peace and love which comes from connection with the Goddess.  Although I had been drawn to do Katinka’s course, I did not initially have any particular affinity with Rhiannon.  But now I might have begun to get a sense of what Rhiannon is: a tangible breath of ego-less, non-attached love, intensely sweet.  Soul.

Through this, I am beginning to find answers that have eluded me for years: What does it mean to be a man in the modern world? How to honour the Goddess and be in right relation with my brothers and sisters? How to move beyond my old patterns and limitations so that I can embrace life more fully. And a big one… How do I bring myself more deeply and fully into intimacy?  Things are transforming as I now realise that I have been frozen into patterns of behaviour and boxed into a shadow of myself by the insidious messages drummed into me throughout my child-and-adult-hood.  I’m finding this rejuvenating and liberating.

What it is like to be in a men’s group which is led by a woman?  It’s amazing, actually!  Very safe, transformative, challenging yes, but in the right way.  This isn’t only a men’s group led by a woman: it is a brave band of brothers being inspired by an extraordinary Priestess of the Goddess, and we are all held in the loving arms of Rhiannon.”
Brian Harrison

“Brotherhood, thanks for the amazingly day ‘water & forgiveness’ it was in bucket loads! You all hold the space so well, the ‘sweat lodge’ was the first time for me and the intensions spoken within it feel v powerful and are swirling around my being, popping up in my mind every now & again. I’m so so tired in the most beautiful way I feel like a cat just relaxing into it, thank you, thank you, thank you”
N. J.

“Thank you Katinka for bringing her mysteries into the light, for speaking the formless, for giving so much that has not been sung before on the Path of the Lover. Xxx”
A. G.

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