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Year Four: Priestess of Rhiannon – Tribe of Rhiannon

Mixed group for experienced students to deepen their work: For men who have successfully finished the Path of the Lover – Brotherhood of Rhiannon and women who are initiated as Priestesses of Rhiannon

Deepening intensive year long non-residential journey into the mysteries of the Sacred Sexual Priestess, during 5 weekends. The deepening of the path that this spiral year holds, is for those who feel called to bring back the practices of the Sacred Sexual Priestess and want to walk the Path of Love in active service to Rhiannon; those who hear Her call to explore more in depth tantric and sacred sexuality healing techniques and become the Tribe of Rhiannon.

This transformational and self developmental experiential course will provide the sacred space to meet in Healthy Village paradigm and emerge yourself in the energy of Rhiannon. For women it is a place to practise working as sacred sexual priestess with men, deepening into the journey of healing the wounding between the Feminine and Masculine.  A true commitment to walking Her Path of Love, a willingness to do the inner and outer work involved in developing as a Priestess, and a desire to love and serve Rhiannon is required of all participants.


For men, this is a journey of practicing presence, of intimacy and healing, a deepening way of experiencing walking the Path of the Lover in service to the Goddess and in harmony with the Feminine. It will provide the opportunity to receive and participate in many sacred sexual and intimacy healing practices, and the space to practice holding space for the Feminine as well as in yourself. It is for men who have successfully completed the Brotherhood of Rhiannon.

Tribe of Rhiannon is an empowerment journey to drop further into authenticity, to drink deeply from the source of Woman, and to open to experience the presence of the Masculine. Tribe of Rhiannon provides a magical year long journey to experience the Radiance of Goddess within and all around you in a supportive community, allowing us to fully remember who we are.

“I cannot recommend this amazing experience enough. It has been and continues to be a life changing and magical experience that I know has not only benefited me but has and will benefit my family, friends and my local community. Katinka has inspired and guided me with love, laughter and patience. I feel that I have made life long friends with my Tribe and I have never felt so inspired. This wonderful training has opened my mind, my eyes and my heart.” Rebecca Villegas

The weekends of the Tribe of Rhiannon are:

  1. Her Loving Presence; Deepening into Intimacy
  2. Her Loving Touch; Deepening into Embodiment
  3. Her loving Embrace; Deepening into Priestessing
  4. Her Loving Guidance; Deepening into Sexuality
  5. Her Loving Surrender; Deepening into Love

If you would like to apply please get in touch with Katinka.