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Become a Priestess of Rhiannon of Avalon, Priestess of Love, Priestess of Sacred Sexuality

Year One– of a two year training with Katinka Soetens which leads to self-dedication into the Sisterhood of Rhiannon of Avalon.

Please note: this fully accredited training is starting again in October 2023.

Thank you for considering signing up for our wonderful POR training, which will start again in October in Avalon. Please understand you are signing up for an ongoing training that will run over a year.

This is a commitment we take seriously and therefore we need to be very clear about the following provision:

The Priestess of Rhiannon training (POR1) will be in person, which we hope will be fully possible for all the course dates.

If, for reasons outside of our control (such as covid restrictions) it becomes not possible to travel or to meet as a group, on any of the course weekend dates, we will hold those training weekends as online zoom teaching circles. There will then be catch up time for any hands-on practises we may have to miss, on the following opportunity /weekend when we can be in person together again, so nothing is missed.

We will not stop, delay, or change the training once started, and signing up for this course signals your agreement that some segment of the training may be taught online if needed.

IICT Accreditation

Both the first and second years of Priestess of Rhiannon training are fully accredited courses recognised by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

All who take this journey will receive their certificate on completion of Priestess of Rhiannon Year 2 training.

Dates and Format of the Course

Sisterhood of Rhiannon Year One 2023 – 2024

Nine weekends journeying through the initiation houses of healthy femininity

All weekends are non-residential and held in Glastonbury UK. Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00 with Saturday often going till later.

Sisterhood of Rhiannon of Avalon Year One Training dates and program:

  • 28/29 Oct 2023: Crone Rhiannon – Wise Woman Archetype. Shadow aspects Controller and Inconsistent One
  • 25/26 Nov 2023: Soul Song Singer – Enchantress Archetype. Shadow aspect: Saboteur and Critical Judge
  • 20/21 Jan 2024: Maiden Archetype – Wild Maiden. Shadow aspects Princess and Shielded Maiden
  • 2/3 March 2024: Path Finder – Explorer Archetype. Shadow aspects Rebel and Conformist
  • 20/21 April 2024: Lover – Dakini Archetype. Shadow aspects Prude and Seductress
  • 25/26 May 2024: Deep Diver – Mermaid Archetype. Shadow aspect Emasculator, She who entraps
  • 6/7 July 2024: Mother – Midwife Archetype. Shadow aspect Colluder, Betrayer, Disempowered One
  • 31 Aug/1 Sept 2024: Freedom Rider – Queen Archetype. Shadow aspect Abdicator and Cruel Queen, Victim Queen
  • 5/6 Oct 2024: Rhiannon of the Centre: Initiatrix – Illuminatrix. Self Dedication into the sisterhood of Rhiannon.

You will be required to practice and spend time working with the energy of Rhiannon in between the training circles.

Year 1 course fee for 9 weekends £1255.
Non-refundable deposit upon application of £255 secures your place, payable before 1st Oct 2023.
Payment Options:
1.      Full Fee: £1255 (£1000 after deposit)
2.      Three instalment payments of £345 each, due on or before 1st Oct 2023, 20th January 2024, 10th March 2024 by standing order or bank transfer. Total £1290 (£1035 after deposit, includes £35 admin fee)

Returners Rate for those who have done year 1 previously: £990 (£735 after deposit).

  • Full Fee
  • £ 1255
    1. A non-refundable deposit of £255 upon application secures your place.
    2. £1000 after deposit.
    3. The final /total payment is due on or before 1st Oct 2023
  • Installment payments
  • £ 1290
    1. A non-refundable deposit of £255 upon application secures your place.
    2. Three installment payments of £345 each, due on or before 1st Oct 2023, 20th January 2024, 10th March 2024 by standing order or bank transfer.
    3. Total £1290 (£1035 after deposit, includes £35 admin fee)
  • Returners Rate
  • £ 990
    1. For those that have already done year 1 previously
    2. A non-refundable deposit of £255 upon application secures your place
    3. £735 after deposit.

What past participants have said about this training:

“Rhiannon’s path is truly one of beauty, love and sacred sexuality. She holds the mirror for you and allows you to see these things within yourself; She holds your hands while She guides you to the courage and freedom of your future.”

“I can thoroughly recommend this training; it has expanded my connection to the Goddess, myself and my sisters so much!”

“This course has been a deep journey, which has now transformed me into being the woman I have always wanted to be: my true authentic self.”

“After experiencing many different paths of healing I can truly say this is the most powerful training.

I have embraced my Sacred Sexual Priestess Self. It is a privilege to dedicate as a Priestess of Rhiannon”