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Train to become a Priestess of Rhiannon in Avalon, Priestess of Love, Priestess of Sacred Sexuality

Year One– of a two year training with Katinka Soetens which leads to self-dedication into the Sisterhood of Rhiannon of Avalon.

Thank you for considering signing up for our wonderful POR training.

Registration is now open!

Come join us, training year 1 is starting in October 2024.

This spiritual self-development course is all about greater authenticity, sacred sexuality and tantric empowerments, reclaiming the blood-mysteries and all rites of passage as sacred, and the sweet ways of loving behaviour; with yourself and with others.

Is the Goddess calling your name to remember the path of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Love?

Are you longing to deepen your commitment to the reclaiming of Sacred Sexuality, to the wisdom of the blood-mystery initiations, to Her Path of Love?

Soon the journey starts again….

Come answer the soul-calling and train as Priestess of Rhiannon in Avalon!

On this first year of the training you will:

Learn about the nine archetypes of the Nine Houses of Initiation of the wheel of Rhiannon, and journey round the wheel of the year, learning about seasonal ceremonies, and more importantly, the rites of passages and blood mysteries associated with each of the archetypes of this Great Celtic Wheel.

Over nine weekends, rediscover your place in the holding of ritual practices connected to birth, menarche, moonlodge, love making, relationship dynamic, pregnancy, inner union, menopause, loss, death, and the ancestral spirit realm.

Come experience feminine tantric practices that our European indigenous spirituality held as sacred, and vital for the core health for the whole community.

The Priestess of Rhiannon trainings rest specifically on these, as well as the mythos and mysteries of Rhiannon, Goddess of Love, and is held as sacred space by experienced priestess-teachers who are trauma-informed facilitators.

This is a fully accredited training and includes a PFD booklet with a chapter for each training weekend, which will be send to you after each circle, for you to help you deepen and connect to each of the Archetypes of Rhiannon’s wheel.

Please note: Accreditation is after completion of the two years of this course – yr 1 & yr2 combined. 

IICT Accreditation

The training to become a Priestess of Rhiannon, held over the first and second years of training courses, is fully accredited, recognised by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

All who take this journey will receive their certificate on completion of Priestess of Rhiannon Year 2 training.

Please understand you are signing up for the first year of an ongoing training.

The first year that will run over a year, 9 weekends.

This course is a path of Love, of real sisterhood and reconnection, of authenticity, of inner masculine integration, of healing and transformation.

Through a gnosis based in the Celtic and proto-Celtic initiation mythology of the Divine Feminine, we will journey into the Archetypical Houses of Initiation to integrate, understand, and love home parts of our self that would stop us being-, giving- and receiving- Love.

Come work with the forgotten mysteries of the blood through the teachings of Rhiannon and the sacred sexuality of Her priestess.

Are you longing to remember the aliveness in your body and the sacredness of your womb, your yoni, your heart, and your connection to the Divine Feminine Source within?

On this training we explore and experience feminine tantric and spiritual practices, so that we may we dedicate our kundalini energy as our sacred sexual life force to Her Path of Love in Action.

We liberate our free and fierce feminine, our ‘lover of life’, to dance as we choose in relationship to ourselves and others.

We will develop a devotion to Goddess Rhiannon, that will empower you to self-initiate into your shine, into your reclaiming of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Love, so you will find the ways in which you may bring this profound shift into the giving of your gifts in the world.

“Rhiannon, the Great Celtic Goddess of Love, Sovereignty and Liberation
She calls to us,
She whispers the language of truth and beauty,
She asks us to remember who we are: Sacred Embodiments of Her.
We are erotic, sensual, powerful, alive, conscious, compassionate, beautiful, wild, wise and loving,
Priestesses of Her Temple which is our body, our mind and our heart, and which is the land around us.”

What is the Priestess of Rhiannon all about?

When we walk the Path of Love, we enter the mysteries of Goddess Rhiannon.

This is a soul calling, delicious, joyous, and an archetypical, perhaps ancestral, reclaiming of a part of the Sacred Feminine.

This initiation path starts with self love and all that would stand in the way through conditioning, limiting beliefs of self, and trauma responses, to loving ourselves just as we are.

From here, we focus on Love in all relationships and how we act and find our place of belonging in the wider world, which follows with a profound rewiring of our choices in love in intimacy that will open out from our Love for the Divine, for Goddess, in a sweetly integrated, lived devotion.

For this we work with the Teachings of the nine Archetypes, their healthy and shadow forms, as gently held and revealed for us in the mirror of Rhiannon’s love.

Over the training spirals you will develop and learn the tools offered by the nine houses of the Wheel of Initiation that will give you:

  • Deep personal connection and lived experience of Goddess Rhiannon.
  • Greater self-understanding, self-love and self-reflection.
  • Greater ability to deal with relationship challenges.
  • Delicious Devotional practices
  • Experience of Shadow hunting and integration
  • Elemental Empowerments of the mysteries
  • Life-force energy awakening
  • Healthy body-image exploration
  • The undoing of conditioning we all carry
  • Undoing of unhealthy patterns we all perpetuate
  • Moon-cycle wisdom
  • Blood mystery initiations
  • Reclaiming sacred sexuality
  • Developing Healthy sisterhood
  • Enter into the mysteries of Sacred Union
  • Meet your inner masculine and call home this masculine beloved

And what does a Sacred Sexual Priestess of Love do?

A Priestess of Rhiannon is trained into the mysteries of the 5 pillars of the Priestess of Rhiannon training:

🏛 Sacred Sexuality

🏛 Authenticity

🏛 Sisterhood

🏛 Inner Masculine Integration

🏛 Love-in-Action

(click to read more on each of the 5 pillars)

The Priestess of Rhiannon will manifest these 5 pillars in her own life and service in a very varied, and often unique way.

Initiated Priestesses of Rhiannon of the Path of Love Mystery School have gone on to:

  • Create their own trainings
  • Create and run their own Goddess Temples
  • Hold moon-lodges and women’s circles
  • Work as intimacy and relationship guide
  • Hold meaningful rites of passage ceremonies
  • Serve as priestess ceremonialist
  • Hold empowered workshops, prayer circles, dance classes, etc.
  • Work with sexual healing, including with the masculine
  • Hold womb- and other- healing sessions
  • Develop their own path of service to Love
  • Work with girls in menarche preparation circles
  • Organise Goddess based events
  • Write Goddess inspired books, articles or blogs
  • Speak at conferences, podcasts or events to raise Goddess awareness
  • Bring the skills and insights they have gained into all areas of their work, creating a subtle- or more seen- ‘priestess presence’ in the ‘normal’ workplace
  • Are more at ease with themselves, and create more harmonious, deeper connection in their love relationships.

Dates and Format of the Course

Sisterhood of Rhiannon Year One 2024 – 2025

Nine weekends journeying through the initiation houses of healthy femininity

All weekends are non-residential and held in Glastonbury UK. Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00 with Saturday often going till later and Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00.

Sisterhood of Rhiannon of Avalon Year One Training dates and program:

  • 26/27 Oct 2024: Crone Rhiannon – Wise Woman Archetype. Shadow aspects Controller and Inconsistent One
  • 23/24 Nov 2024: Soul Song Singer – Enchantress Archetype. Shadow aspect: Saboteur and Critical Judge
  • 1/2 Feb 2025: Maiden Archetype – Wild Maiden. Shadow aspects Princess and Shielded Maiden
  • 15/16 March 2025: Path Finder – Explorer Archetype. Shadow aspects Rebel and Conformist
  • 26/27 April 2025: Lover – Dakini Archetype. Shadow aspects Prude and Seductress
  • 31 May/1 June 2025: Deep Diver – Mermaid Archetype. Shadow aspect Emasculator, She who entraps
  • 12/13 July 2025: Mother – Midwife Archetype. Shadow aspect Colluder, Betrayer, Disempowered One
  • 6/7 Sept 2025: Freedom Rider – Queen Archetype. Shadow aspect Abdicator and Cruel Queen, Victim Queen
  • 18/19 Oct 2025: Rhiannon of the Centre: Initiatrix – Illuminatrix. Self Dedication into the sisterhood of Rhiannon.

You will be required to practice and spend time working with the energy of Rhiannon in between the training circles.

Year 1 course fee for 9 weekends £1455.
Non-refundable deposit upon application of £330 secures your place, payable before 1st Oct 2024.
Payment Options:
1.      Full Fee: £1455 (£1125 after deposit)
2.      Three instalment payments of £390 each, due on or before 1st Oct 2024, 20th January 2025, 10th March 2025 by standing order or bank transfer. Total £1500 (£1170 after deposit, includes £45 admin fee)

Returners Rate for those who have done year 1 previously: £1155 (£825 after deposit).

What past participants have said about this training:

“Rhiannon’s path is truly one of beauty, love and sacred sexuality. She holds the mirror for you and allows you to see these things within yourself; She holds your hands while She guides you to the courage and freedom of your future.”

“I can thoroughly recommend this training; it has expanded my connection to the Goddess, myself and my sisters so much!”

“This course has been a deep journey, which has now transformed me into being the woman I have always wanted to be: my true authentic self.”

“After experiencing many different paths of healing I can truly say this is the most powerful training.

I have embraced my Sacred Sexual Priestess Self. It is a privilege to dedicate as a Priestess of Rhiannon”