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Become a Priestess of Rhiannon of Avalon, Priestess of Love, Priestess of Sacred Sexuality

Year One– of a two year training with Katinka Soetens which leads to self-dedication into the Sisterhood of Rhiannon of Avalon.

Due to this particular Year’s circumstance, the first Year of the Training will be postponed to next Year. New dates are coming soon for 2021/22

If you feel called by Rhiannon you can anyway attend the new Spiral Pathway initiation training online for this coming year.

During the first year of this experiential and transformative non-residential training, we will meet in 9 circle weekends to experience different aspects of the Goddess Rhiannon of Avalon and of our woman self.

Rhiannon’s path embraces the ways of women, which honours life, Goddess, the land and the sacred core essence in women and men. This is a feminine path of self-care and love, beauty and sacred sexuality – the reclaiming and awakening of the Sacred Sexual Priestess.

Women are called to heal themselves, their relationships and our planet. It is time to really look at and own the ways in which we participate in and perpetuate patriarchal structures and to initiate into healthy aspects of our women’s self development. Rhiannon holds the mirror for us to see, own, heal and release parts of our self that stand in the way of the flow of love.

Experiencing nine different aspects of the Goddess Rhiannon and of our woman self as initiation gateways into healthy, mature femininity, we will learn to listen for and follow Rhiannon’s guidance as She expresses in and through us.

We work with Rhiannon, the ever-present inner Goddess of Love, to learn new skills and remember the blood mysteries: To sit in a supportive women’s circle, to heal and to call back the sacred sexual priestess and discover, deepen and re-member the arts and skills of this soul calling.

This training includes teachings around: blood mysteries, birth and other rites of passage, sexual healing, conscious touch, cleansing and honouring rituals, sacred dance, inner marriage of Goddess and God, body-disarmament, tantric ceremony, awakening the senses, embodiment, expressing boundaries, giving consent and owing desires, releasing fear and loving oneself, serving the Goddess, and guiding others into Her presence.

IICT Accreditation

Both the first and second years of Priestess of Rhiannon training are fully accredited courses recognised by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

All who take this journey will receive their certificate on completion of Priestess of Rhiannon Year 2 training.

Dates and Format of the Course

Sisterhood of Rhiannon Year One 2020 - 2021

Nine weekends journeying through the initiation houses of healthy femininity

All weekends are non-residential and held in Glastonbury UK. Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00 with Saturday often going till later.

In addition to the 9 training weekends people have to be present as part of the training year for the 30th July opening of the Day Ceremony that they will be doing at the Goddess Conference 2021 Star Queen, wether they are coming to the whole (or part of Conference) or not.

Sisterhood of Rhiannon of Avalon Year One Training dates:

  • 24th/25th Oct 2020: Crone Rhiannon – Wise Woman Archetype. Shadow aspects Controller and Inconsistent One
  • 21st/22nd Nov 2020: Soul Song Singer – Enchantress Archetype. Shadow aspect: saboteur
  • 23rd/24th Jan 2021: Maiden Archetype – Wild Maiden. Shadow aspects Princess and Shielded Maiden
  • 20th/21st March 2021: Path Finder – Explorer Archetype. Shadow aspects Rebel and Conformist
  • 24th/25th April 2021: Lover – Dakini Archetype. Shadow aspects Prude and Seductress
  • 19th/20th June 2021: Deep Diver – Mermaid Archetype. Shadow aspect Emasculator, She who entraps
  • 17th/18th July 2021: Mother – Midwife Archetype. Shadow aspect Colluder, Betrayer
  • 30th July 2021: Opening of the Day Ceremony at the Goddess Conference 2021 Star Queen
  • 4th/5th Sept 2021: Freedom Rider – Queen Archetype. Shadow aspect Abdicator and Cruel Queen
  • 2nd/3rd Oct 2021: Rhiannon of the Center: Initiatrix – Illuminatrix. Self Dedication into the sisterhood of Rhiannon.

You will be required to practice and spend time working with the energy of Rhiannon in between the training circles.

The tutors reserve the right to select intuitively who will best benefit from this training at this time.

If not accepted at this time, your deposit will be returned to you minus admin charge.



Year 1 course fee for 9 weekends £1255. None refundable deposit upon application of £255 secures your place.

Payment Options:

  1. Early bird paid in full before 1st June 2020: £1155 (£900 after deposit)
  2. Full Fee post 1st June 2020: £1255 (£1000 after deposit)
  3. Three installment payments of £345 each, due on or before 2nd Oct 2020, 22nd January 2020, 19th March 2021 by standing order or bank transfer. Total £1290 (£1035 after deposit, includes £35 admin fee)

A non-refundable deposit of £255 upon application secures your place, payable before 1st Oct 2020.

Returners Rate for those who have done year 1 previously: £990 (£735 after deposit).

  • Early bird
  • £ 1155
    1. A non-refundable deposit of £255 upon application secures your place.
    2. Paid in full before 1st June 2020.
  • Full Fee
  • £ 1255
    1. A non-refundable deposit of £255 upon application secures your place.
    2. £1000 after deposit.
    3. The final /total payment is due on or before 24th Oct 2020
  • Installment payments
  • £ 1290
    1. A non-refundable deposit of £255 upon application secures your place.
    2. Three installment payments of £345 each, due on or before 2nd Oct 2020,  22nd Jan 2021, 19th March 2021 by standing order or bank transfer.
    3. Total £1290 (£1035 after deposit, includes £35 admin fee)
  • Returners Rate
  • £ 990
    1. For those that have already done year 1 previously
    2. A non-refundable deposit of £255 upon application secures your place
    3. £735 after deposit. The final /total payment is due by 24th Oct 2020

The Courses are lead by:

Katinka Soetens, Priestess of Rhiannon; who is Great Goddess of Love.

A Priestess of Avalon and The Goddess Conference co-organizer, she is director and founder of the Path of Love Mystery School and the teachings of the wheel of initiation which are part of The Path of Love.

Originally from the Netherlands, she lives in Glastonbury/Avalon and is a Goddess ceremonialist, course facilitator, healer, tantric initiatrix, teacher of the sacred mysteries, shadow huntress and international workshop facilitator on empowerment through the Divine Feminine and the healing of the wounding between the feminine and masculine.

Dedicated to the Goddess of Love and sacred sexuality since 2001 when Rhiannon’s call awakened her, she is particularly interested in the sacredness of love and the healing power of opening the heart to come home to the body. Dedicated to holding regular Path of Love teachings circles for women, men and mixed groups in the UK and abroad for powerful transformation, spiritual – and self-development, Katinka works with tantric therapy, dance, breath, sacred intimacy, body wisdom, shadow hunting, meditation, healing touch and embodiment of Goddess.

Her website is:

Amanda Baker

Amanda is a sacred sexual priestess of Rhiannon and stepping into holding the role of teacher for the first year training spiral. She is dedicated to her path of healing and transformation and is passionate about supporting others on this journey.

Marisa Picardo

Marisa is Priestess of Rhiannon, a therapist, healer, Soul Midwife/End of Life Doula and Sacred Celebrant. And she walks
Rhiannon’s path of love. She is a Sacred Sexual Priestess, a co-teacher of the first Spiral of the Rhiannon Training. She brings her Shamanic, ISTA and Urban Tantra trainings into this workshop. She has been living in Glastonbury/ Avalon since 2009.


What past participants have said about this training:

“Rhiannon’s path is truly one of beauty, love and sacred sexuality. She holds the mirror for you and allows you to see these things within yourself; She holds your hands while She guides you to the courage and freedom of your future.”

“I can thoroughly recommend this training; it has expanded my connection to the Goddess, myself and my sisters so much!”

“This course has been a deep journey, which has now transformed me into being the woman I have always wanted to be: my true authentic self.”

“After experiencing many different paths of healing I can truly say this is the most powerful training.

I have embraced my Sacred Sexual Priestess Self. It is a privilege to dedicate as a Priestess of Rhiannon”