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Year Three: Labyrinth Priestess, Practices of the Sacred Sexual Priestess

For women successfully initiated as Priestess of Rhiannon.

Come and serve the Goddess of Love. Come and practice Her mysteries.
Rhiannon Goddess of Love is Mistress of the Labyrinth

Please note: this training is deferred to 2025-2026. Dates will follow and registration will open closer to the date.

She holds the gateways that allow entry and exit through the veils, into the ‘other world’, into the layers of the Labyrinth. For She is the initiatrix, She teaches the journey of initiation through birth, life’s stages, death and rebirth. As Priestesses of Rhiannon, we are asked to hold and magnetize Her field of Love, with our sacred sexual energy, with our compassionate attention, with our loving hearts, with our surrendered presence. We are asked to walk the edge between fear, shame and shadow patterns, and the empowered shining vessels for Her radiance.

The great labyrinth that is part of Her symbolic manifestation is part of the sacred mysteries of Her practices that are the realm of the Sacred Sexual Priestesses of Love. The remembered dance of initiation through the 9 gateways that is the labyrinth, is held within the sacred landscape of the Goddess: in the rocks of Cornwall, in the caves sanctuary of Crete, in the Tor of Avalon, inviting us to walk the real and magical layers of its mysteries. We will be asked to face the Minotaur and guardian, to enter the centre and be held there for our transformation and greater becoming. While diving deeply into sacred sexual practices and commit to becoming the gatekeepers of Her ways so that others may find Her, the Labyrinth Priestess is the red thread of Rhiannon’s love weaving through the great rites of passage of our lives.

Year 3 of the Priestess of Rhiannon training is for women who have committed to walk as Sacred Sexual Priestesses and who would like to deepen their practice and service to Rhiannon, Goddess of Love, as well as the lived experience of Her healthy sisterhood.

This means you will be asked to respect and learn your limits as well as stretching them, and what it means for you at this time to walk the commitment of holding, charging, and serving the Field of Love in your body, relationships, work and life.

Practices are delicious, challenging, orgasmic, life-changing and devotional, they build up progressively and will bring you into a more profound personal connection, a daily communion, with Rhiannon, Goddess of Love.

This year 3 of the Priestess of Rhiannon training requires a true commitment to do the work.

The Training

In this year-long training, we will enter and dwell within the mysteries of Her Field of Love as symbolised by the labyrinth. Walking in on our first weekend and out on our last, we will spend a year and a day within the magic of the Labyrinth of Rhiannon. Navigating the twists and turns of the different layers, the labyrinth’s levels of integration, and recognising the initiation gateways of this path offers us as Priestesses of Love.

Here we will learn and explore what it means to hold the gateways of initiation for ourselves and for others, here we will develop our practices to serve Her in both subtle and profound ways for the collective as well as for individual journeys of transformation, release and becoming.

This training will focus on the practices of the Global Sacred Sexual Priestess, both for the ongoing clearing of her own ‘vessel’ and to walk the commitment of holding and charging the collective Field of Love together in service to Rhiannon. We will commit to doing daily, weekly and other regular practices together and individually. A certain time commitment and willingness to prioritise the work this training requires of us as Priestesses of Love is a pre-requisite for this journey.

5 non-residential weekends
It is imperative that all weekends are attended.

Course Program

1st Weekend
First Gate: Entry – Fear and Embodied Presence,
Second Gate: 3rd layer – Self and Intention,
Third Gate: 2nd layer – Womb and Manifestation

2nd Weekend
Forth Gate: 1st layer – Yoni and Full Desire
Fifth Gate: 4th layer – Heart and Love

3rd Weekend
Fifth Gate: 4th layer – Heart and Guardians of the deeper Heart gateway
Sixth Gate: 7th layer – Soul Guidance and Intuition

4th Weekend
Seventh Gate: 6th layer – Vision and Inspiration
Eighth Gate: 5th layer – Truth, Visibility and Shame

5th Weekend
Ninth Gate: Center and Field of Love,
Exit and Commitment

Saturday: 10.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday: 10.00am – 6.00pm
Breaks for refreshments and lunch


Saturday: 10.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday: 10.00am – 6.00pm
Breaks for refreshments and lunch

Who can apply

This training is for all those who have successfully completed years one and two of the Priestess of Rhiannon training and initiated as Her Sacred Sexual Priestess, and who feel the calling of the ongoing self-development work in service to The Goddess of Love and the collective, greater good.

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