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Become a Priestess of Rhiannon of Avalon, Priestess of Love, Priestess of Sacred Sexuality

Five weekends leading to Initiation as Priestess of Rhiannon of Avalon.

Priestess of Rhiannon of Avalon 2nd Year in person 2024/25

Please note: this fully accredited training is deferred to start again in Winter 2024 and the new dates will come shortly.

Due to the uncertainties of being able to be in person, ability to travel or have venues, the Priestess of Rhiannon year 2 will be deferred to the winter of 2024 through to spring 2025
The Priestess of Rhiannon 2nd year training (POR2) will be in person, which we hope will be fully possible for all the course dates.

If, for reasons outside of our control (such as covid restrictions) it becomes not possible to travel or to meet as a group, on any of the course weekend dates, we will hold those training weekends as online zoom teaching circles.

The POR2 training has been fully adapted to work as online training, so nothing is missed, to be able to be flexible under the current ongoing uncertain conditions we find ourselves in globally.

We appreciate most would choose to do the Priestess work in person.
We’ll absolutely do our best to offer all weekends in person, but we cannot guarantee this.
We will not stop, delay or change the training once started, and signing up for this course signals your agreement that some segment of the training may be taught online if needed.

Please understand that sufficient numbers of participants are needed for this training to run, and the minimal number of students has to be signed up, with deposit paid, for us to go ahead with organising this training.

The program of the training is the following, while exact dates will come later:

1st Weekend: Seeding of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon. The practices of Rhiannon Soul Song Singer : embodied sacred space.

2nd Weekend: Budding of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon. Practices of Rhiannon Path finder: embodied healing.

3rd Weekend: Flowering of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon. The practices of Rhiannon Deep Diver: embodied emotional presence.

4th Weekend: Fruiting of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon. The practices of Rhiannon Great Queen: embodied sovereignty.

5th Weekend: Full embodiment empowerments and initiation of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon.


This 2024/25 POR2 training will be the perfect opportunity for those Priestesses of Rhiannon already initiated, who would like to renew their vows or refresh the practices and joys that this course offers!
Come charge up your moonlodge stick, belt, cloak and mirror.
Learn to hold moonlodge and embodied healing, design and manifest workshops and client sessions. Enhance and awaken your clairvoyance, your inner knowing, connection to the elements and work with inner tantras.
Discover how to create powerful ceremonies and to embody Rhiannon Goddess of Love
We look forward to welcoming you on this renewed year 2, to journey further with Rhiannon and learn to serve Her in deeply meaningful, authentic ways that are uniquely yours, as Her Priestess of Love.

What do we do each weekend?

Seeding of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon
Youth initiation and Menarche, Moonlodge and starting the daily practice of your Sacred Sexual Priestess Self. How to hold moon lodge.

Budding of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon
Ceremonies of becoming and binding. ‘Opening of the way’ and Lover initiations as well as Hand-fasting ceremonies. Developing your Rhiannon practices and creating ceremony. Holding ceremonies.

Flowering of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon
Ceremonies of release and loss. Death and funeral, ending of relationship or life-dream, separation, Abortion/Miscarriage ceremonies. Womb cleansing and yoni steaming rituals. Preparing for and how to hold workshops. Deepening your daily practice.

Fruiting of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon
Ceremonies of rebalancing and manifesting, Menopause and sexual healing. Working with Sacred Sexual energy to rebalance, guide and empower. Teaching lovemaking skills. Working with the healing of the wounding of sexuality in sessions. Testing your dedication and practices. How to hold sexual healing session.

Initiation of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon
Learning Embodiment

We will embody our Sacred Sexual Priestess, share our skills and co-create powerful preparation ceremonies for our Self-initiation ceremony as Priestess of Rhiannon in which to be seen and witnessed as we dance and dedicate ourselves in service to Rhiannon. On Sunday we will showcase our initiated Priestess skills to family and friend and celebrate with a co-create a feast having become Her lantern bearers, Her beacons of Love.

Registration for this POR2 will open in 2024

During the 5 weekends we will:

Develop and practice our priestessing: Embodiment

Create and hold initiation ceremonies in:

Youth initiation
‘Opening of the way’ and Lover initiations
Blessing ways
Handfasting ceremonies
Menopause, Separation and death
Abortion, Miscarriage ceremonies
Sexual healing sessions
Evolve your daily practice of the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon.

Upon successful completion of Year 2, you will participate in a powerful self-initiation ceremony during the last weekend, to serve Rhiannon of Avalon as Her Sacred Sexual Priestess.